About Earthwise Environmental

Earthwise Environmental designs, engineers and services sustainable water treatment solutions. It helps clients develop innovative water reduction strategies, uncover hidden energy and water savings, and meet other important environmental challenges.


  • Convey the client’s integrity of solutions and dedication to a unique, cost-saving, effective approach to water treatment management.
  • Demonstrate proven results in quick, bite-size info displays.

Key Tactics

  • Used a unique approach to imagery and animation of the home page, and infused the same “wow factor” into the design that flows through the entire site.
  • Culled “quick hit” statistics and big statements out of long technical case studies to provide scannable, convincing and relevant information for potential customers.
  • Focused content on solutions rather than technical information.

Creating a memorable and innovative website convinced potential customers Earthwise is not like any other company in its space.


The website organized and presented detailed, technical industry information in a way that enabled Earthwise to make high-impact, meaningful presentations to potential clients with limited understanding of sustainable technology issues.