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You’re in charge of building the new website for your favorite charity, so where do you start? Are you going to hire a charity web design firm or build the site yourself? This is tricky territory because you want all the latest high-tech tools and widgets that can increase donor interaction, but you also want a simple website that won’t break the bank — and that’s easy to maintain, navigate and use.

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You want and need the best of both worlds for your website design, and you know that your choices can make or break your team’s fundraising strategy.

Plan Your Site for Future Growth

Good website design for charitable organizations needs all those specialized bells and whistles, but it also needs to be affordable and easily maintained. Steer away from charity web design services that require you to call on the agency each time you want to add or change anything on your website. Every edit takes away from the hard-earned money your supporters have donated to further your cause.

The best way to get specialization and affordability is to use a website platform such as WordPress that’s easy enough for anyone in your organization to make minor updates so that more of your donations can be spent on your cause. Use a sustainable website design that can evolve over time. Include these features:

  • Responsive design that’s usable on mobile devices
  • Intuitive navigation that awakens the imagination and encourages exploration
  • Excellent speed to keep donors engaged
  • Tight security to protect online donors
  • Flexible customization for future growth

Aim for Proven Results

A reputable charity web design company will build a website that can increase your appeal to donors and keep your costs low. Look for a charity web design agency that provides excellent community outreach and engagement. Maximize user experience by incorporating these elements.

  • Employ design elements and widgets that encourage increased donations and fundraising revenues.
  • Use interactive graphics and logos to engage, educate and entertain.
  • Grow stronger relationships with donors, volunteers and supporters by including a subscription form for them to sign up to receive news and updates from you.
  • Create awareness and community involvement around your cause by integrating social media into your site.
  • Install plenty of “call to action” buttons, at least one per page.
  • Add a landing page specifically designed to collect donations electronically.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Tell Your Story Visually

Tug on heart strings with pictures that put your message out there for everyone to see. Let your website design feature lots of compelling photos to draw in visitors. Show many facets that describe your cause in full detail.

  • Full-color action photographs tell the story without words.
  • Live-action videos let you get up close and personal.
  • Infographics combine facts and figures to fill in the details.
  • Graphic photography shows the problems you’re trying to eradicate.
  • Dramatic use of colors creates moods.
  • Delineated focal points hit the highlights of your story.

Don’t be afraid to throw in some surprising or shocking images to keep interest high. Visually inspire your donors to open their hearts and their purse strings to support your cause.

A high-quality website is a tremendous asset for your charitable organization. A clean, professional-looking site will enable you to get your message across clearly, instill trust and awareness about what you do, and raise those all-important funds so you can do more good in the world.

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