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When it comes to financial services, customers have a plethora of options today. That’s why, in order to stand out, credit unions need a way to set their services apart.

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The beauty of the Internet is it gives you a way to connect with prospects anywhere, anytime, with a marketing tool customized to your credit union. The effectiveness of your website, in large part, comes down to design. In order for a credit union to communicate its unique benefits to prospects online, it needs a smart, strategic website design that offers powerful ROI.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Working With a Credit Union Web Design Company

For the credit union that’s looking to build business through its website, the support of a credit union web design agency is invaluable. A credit union web design firm will understand best practices in the financial industry and know how to build a website that achieves your goals. Professional web designers know which website elements are important and which design principles to apply.

What are some of the components that go into a good website design for credit unions? What types of credit union web design services make a difference in building new business? Here are some examples.

  • Simple, intuitive site organization. A credit union should avoid cluttering its site with extraneous information, and instead focus on the essentials. What are the questions your prospects will have when they come to your site? If you answer those — clearly and simply — you will build credibility with your audience.
  • Professional photos. Stock photos tend to lack credibility. Users don’t want to see just another photo; they want to see relevant, custom images that tell them something about your organization.
  • Original content. Think of each page of your credit union website as an opportunity to attract visitors. Through original, keyword-optimized content that caters to the terms prospects likely use to search, you can cast a wider net for potential members.
  • Regularly updated content. Consider the benefits of adding a blog to your site: It provides users with relevant information, gives them a reason to keep coming back to your site and helps you build authority with search engines.
  • Clear calls to action. What is it that you want visitors to do — contact you, set up a consultation, open an account, visit your location? Whatever it is, encourage them to do so with compelling language and contact links/buttons.
  • Data encryption. In an industry with sensitive information such as the financial sector, you must take privacy seriously. Use encrypted data to protect any information sent online via web forms. Not only does this protect your members and prospects, but it also builds credibility and trust with your audience in the process.
  • Responsive design. Since many of today’s website visitors are using mobile devices, you need to incorporate responsive design — which helps your site adapt to whatever device someone is using, in an effort to make it visually appealing and provide a good user experience.

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