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The fitness industry grows more competitive every day. To stand out from the others, your gym needs a strategic website design that targets your specific audience with branding, information and special offers. You’ll attract more clients and increase your profits when you build a website that creates a strong image for your gym.

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Flex Your Marketing Muscles Online

First impressions are especially important in an industry where your clients seek to put forth their best image; your online presence must speak well of your business. Prospective clients will judge your gym by what they see online. Your gym web design company can create a sleek and savvy website that features your equipment, trainers — and your results.

Fill your site with instructional content, before and after photos, and testimonials to draw in visitors. Once they see what others have accomplished, they’ll want to experience your services, too.

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Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Proven gym website design practices that attract visitors and keep them interested include these standards:

  • Mobile-friendly design: Active people depend on cellphones for convenient, on-the-go web searches. A professional gym web design agency can build a responsive website that performs as well on a smartphone as it does on a desktop computer, making you and your gym look good to visitors on the go.
  • Intuitive navigation: Help busy visitors quickly find what they’re looking for by making your menu bar simple and easy to read. Add your logo, phone, email, business hours and address on the front-page header and at the top of each page of your website. Further engage visitors by posting your social media icons.
  • An active blog: New and innovative health and fitness practices are born every day. Inform visitors of the latest exercise equipment, diet and nutrition supplements, and CrossFit workouts so they’ll be confident when they walk into your gym. Even fitness experts want proof you know what’s what; share your expertise with thoughtful articles to show visitors they can trust you. Your gym web design firm can fill your blog with great content that will improve your search rankings, which means more potential clients will find your website.
  • Calls to action: Ask your gym web design agency to include email and newsletter sign-up forms so visitors can get your information right in their inboxes. Personalize your messages for different levels of clientele to improve your outreach. Capturing leads makes it easy to follow up and build stronger relationships.
  • Online services: Make it simple for current customers to log in to your site to schedule training sessions, pay membership fees and buy workout gear. Include an events calendar, money-saving offers and new classes. Cater to your hardcore bodybuilders with an extreme members-only page.

Potential clients will value your gym when they see your current clientele successfully reaching their goals. Reach your goals by building a high-quality site that will increase your membership and build your reputation as “the gym that gets results.”

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