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In the world of photography, looks matter. Before anyone is going to hire you, he or she is going to want to see your work. That’s why your website is so important.

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Your photography website can be a real game-changer in terms of building business. Whether you specialize in wedding photography, food photography, senior portraits or commercial work, when someone wants to learn more about you, the most likely resource is your website. Therefore, the first impression you make through your photography website design can make all the difference between getting a call and getting overlooked.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Why Work With a Photographers Web Design Company?

When you want the kind of website design that gets results, you need professional help from a photographers web design agency. Professional web design experts know the ins and outs of quality design, and those who work with photographers know how to use that knowledge to help you get new clients.

A photographers web design firm will have the experience, skill and research-driven strategies that can make all the difference in the power of your web presence — so you can finally achieve the 24/7 marketing tool you need to grow.

Best Practices for Photographers Web Design Services

When you are creating the kind of photography site that generates leads and boosts business, what are the best practices to include? Here are some elements a photographers web design agency will want to feature.

  • Clear, compelling examples of your work. Because your photography is what demonstrates credibility and convinces prospects to hire you, a website design that showcases your work front and center is essential. Choose your best images and feature them prominently.
  • Responsive design. A slick web design does you no good if it doesn’t work on mobile devices. A large chunk of your visitors will come from smartphones or tablets — when they do, you want them to be able to learn about you and what you offer. Choose a responsive website design that adapts to a viewer’s device so everyone gets the same quality viewing experience.
  • Simplicity. Cut all the superfluous information that readers don’t need, and focus on the essentials. Your visitors want to know what you do, who you are and how to reach you. Show your work, tell your story and make yourself easy to reach. Beyond that, ask yourself whether or not anything else is worth including.
  • Prominent contact information. When someone likes your work and wants to get in touch, make it easy. Feature your phone number prominently, such as in the top right-hand corner of your site. Use contact forms throughout your webpages to encourage visitors to reach out to you. You may even want to use online booking software that allows prospects to click and book sessions with you right away.
  • A blog. Creating and maintaining a blog is a great way to keep your website fresh and to build a sense of authority online. As prospects come to your site and read your articles or see posts about new projects, they gain confidence that you know the industry.

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