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A leader in B2B and B2C paid advertising, Straight North harnesses the power of social media advertising by tapping into its enormous audience and precise targeting capabilities to drive traffic and generate conversions.

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Social Media Advertising Management

Social media advertising is a crucial part of digital marketing. The power of social media to create good customer relationships is unmatched, and cost-effective social media ads provide the potential for high rates of return. Social media advertising allows you to share promotions and information instantly and effectively with your highly targeted audience on their preferred platforms.

Straight North, an industry-leading social advertising agency, offers social media advertising to businesses of all types and sizes. We build campaigns from the ground up along with managing and improving existing campaigns. Our expertise extends to working with social media ads on many platforms. If you are looking for creative ways to generate more sales leads and ecommerce revenue, our social media advertising company can help you.

Social Media Advertising Benefits

Our social media advertising services provide a wide range of advantages to small, mid-size and enterprise businesses:

Increase Brand Visibility

Social media advertising offers a great opportunity to get your brand in front of potential customers and to connect and interact directly with them.

Precise Targeting

Social media advertising allows you to target your audience by demographics, interests, location, relationship status, life events, event attendance and more.

Expansive Reach

Reach new customers through a vast audience of billions of users on social media platforms to gain more traffic, followers and conversions.

Visitor Retargeting

Retargeting ads lets you re-engage customers who left your website without converting, reminding them of your brand and driving them back to your website.

Measurable Performance

Key performance indicators (KPIs) include reach, engagement, amplification (sharing rate), clicks, click-through rate (CTR), conversions and bounce rate.

Enhance Marketing Performance

By growing brand awareness and keeping your brand top of mind, social ads increase the performance of other marketing campaigns.

A proven partner trusted by the biggest names in the industry:

Our Social Media Advertising Agency

Straight North, a leading social ad agency, helps our clients by developing creative ways to tap into the enormous social media audience to generate leads and increase ecommerce revenue. We begin by analyzing your business, target audience, advertising goals and budget to determine which social media platform(s) best meets your needs. We then proceed to create and launch your campaign, and after a short while, we begin to review data and results so we can continuously test and improve your campaign performance.

With experience in traditional paid search (PPC) and social ads management, our team has the knowledge and skills necessary to interpret data correctly and conduct testing in a systematic and effective manner. As a data-driven social media advertising agency, we leave as little as possible to chance and instead make social media a platform that generates measurable and meaningful ROI for your business.

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The Social Advertising Campaign Process

Regardless of the social advertising platform, our basic process is determining the channel(s) to best reach your audience, creating an account, setting your goals and budget, developing ads, targeting your audience, and tracking and improving results.

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