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Whether they first hear of you through word of mouth or by finding you online, most people get their first impression of your practice from your website. Even if you’ve already met them, chances are the first thing they’ll do once you’re out of sight is research you online.

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As you know, first impressions count, and so does strategy. Your website design affects potential clients’ decisions to hire you as their attorney. Your firm’s web design should be more than nice to look at; it should also make your phone ring. If you need to build or redesign your website, look for a law firm web design agency that understands the importance of lead generation (not all do.)

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Here are 5 essential law firm website design tips to help bring clients to your door.

1. Use mobile responsive design. People often search for legal services on breaks from work, so you’ll want to be sure these users can find what they want on your site. A good law firm web design firm will know how to encourage users of any device to engage with your site.

2. Make your contact information easy to find. Online visitors tend to have short attention spans; if they have to work too hard to find anything, they often will click away to a competing site. Include a clear, easy-to-read contact page with multiple ways to reach you, and link to it from your other pages as well as your menu. It’s also a good idea to post your phone number prominently in your header. If you have a larger practice, you might also want to include a directory where people can search your attorneys for the location and area of expertise for which they’re looking.

3. Be human. People like to do business with people, not companies. Don’t make the mistake of using lots of stock photos on your site, or sounding overly corporate. Use pictures of your office and staff. Your website copy should sound professional but conversational, as though you were speaking with the visitor. Your law firm web design company can provide engaging copy for your site that will also incorporate best practices for lead generation.

4. Leverage your blog. People hire attorneys for their expertise, and blogging is a great way to showcase yours. Make sure your blog is easy to find on your site, and that your content is clear, accurate and easy to read. Be sure to link your blog posts to relevant pages on your site, such as attorney bios, service pages and your contact page. Blogging will also help with your site’s SEO. Hiring a law firm web design agency with SEO expertise to create your content can help attract more potential clients to your site, as well as saving you time.

5. Include trust factors. Your website visitors won’t pick up the phone if they don’t trust you. There are many ways you can show you’re trustworthy through website design. Testimonials are one of the best, so include a testimonial page and sprinkle them liberally throughout the rest of your site. Be sure to include a robust bio for each of your attorneys, including education, credentials, awards and accolades.

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