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For many consumers, finding qualified professionals to work on their homes or businesses is not easy. They want to know that they are hiring a knowledgeable and skilled professional who understands the field, yet often they are left with little information to make an educated hiring decision.

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A website can be your most effective tool in converting interested people into paying customers as an electrician. Working with an electrician web design firm will help ensure that the site has the features it needs to properly convert.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Necessary Features for Electrician Website Design

To create a website that will convert visitors into paying customers and clients, you will need several important elements, including:

  • Clear contact information. The goal of your website is to generate leads, but you can do this only if people find a way to contact you. Your website design should include clear contact information and an easy-to-use contact form.
  • Credibility elements. Electrical work must be done well and to code, so people want to see that you are a credible electrician. Include your history, license, insurance and awards to build credibility with site visitors looking to hire you. Legitimate reviews from existing clients can help boost your credibility. Remember, site visitors must trust you before they’ll be willing to contact you for service.
  • Portfolio of past jobs. Take pictures of the electrical jobs you complete and post them, with descriptions, so people can see the type of work that you do.
  • Fast load time. Internet users will not stay on a website if pages are taking a long time to load. They will simply click away and go to your competition. Keep visitors on your site by ensuring that it loads quickly every time someone lands on it.
  • Mobile-friendly or responsive design. If people use their smartphones to search for an electrician but cannot easily navigate your website, you will lose the potential contact. Work with an electrician web design company to ensure your site is mobile-friendly or responsive.
  • Detailed list of jobs performed. Many people are not aware of the many jobs an electrician can do. Showcase all of the types of services you offer on your website to increase the number of inquiries.
  • Easy, natural navigation. Don’t make people work too hard to find what they need on your website, or else they will find a different electrician. Make sure your navigation is logical and natural, funneling contacts and visitors to your contact information.
  • The right content. It’s easy to pack your website full of content, but you will overwhelm visitors if you say too much. Your website design needs content, but that content needs to provide just enough information to naturally elicit a phone call or contact form submission. This is where the expertise of an electrician web design agency can help.
  • SEO-effective design. One component of website design that many electrical contractors overlook is optimization. Search engine optimization involves many elements, including the website’s overall design.

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