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Beer! It's a fun part of life. And if beer is a part of your livelihood, you need to know about website design. Beer web design services are in high demand with the staggering growth of microbreweries. Your site has to stand out, and you'll want it to look as good as your brew tastes.

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Stand Out From the Crowd

Major brewery or microbrewery, you know that not just any website will do. Will you use a professional beer web design agency or an in-house website designer? Either way, your main objective is to create a site that’s FUN!

You want your beer web design firm to create an atmosphere that makes visitors feel like they’re right there with you at the brewery. Strive for lots of fun features, such as:

  • Videos
  • Trendy grunge textures
  • Animations
  • Colorful galleries
  • Online tours

Don’t overdo it, though. Visitors want to savor your flavors, but that won’t happen if your website design gets all up in their faces. A good beer web design company can help you customize your site and build your brand without getting too loud and boisterous. Go for fun logo navigation buttons, striking color themes, and engaging videos to create a cool, hip vibe that matches your smoothest brew.

Tell Your Story

Show off your brand’s personality. Bring your visitors into the party that is your brewery. Use your “About” page to tell visitors about your beer brewing dreams — and don’t be shy about shining the spotlight on your team, as well.

A blog is a must for a brewery website. Use it to get the word out about new brews and share what it’s like at your company behind the scenes. Your blog is also a great place to talk up your community outreach programs and charitable events. For instance, share great photos of the ball team you sponsor, or tell people you’re collecting for the latest hurricane victims and where they can drop off donations.


Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Show It Off

Every brew deserves the spotlight. Proudly introduce your longtime standards alongside your seasonal brews and experimental new recipes with a gallery or feature pages. Highlight each beer to let your fans know what you have to offer. Sharing info about all of your varieties is a great marketing technique and a brilliant way to entice new customers. (Be sure your photos are top-notch!)

While you’re at it, you might want to add an online store to your beer website. Get those great T-shirts your marketing department designed onto as many bodies as you can.

Don't Play Hard to Get

Tell ’em where to find you. If you sell at street fairs or concert venues, invite the crowds to stop by your vendor trucks. Do you sell in select markets or at every corner convenience store? Put a map on your site to remind your “brew crew” where you’re at! You might want to also integrate social media apps into your site so you can easily share real-time updates.

Finally, always include a contact page on your website, and allow comments on your blog. Listening to your fans is the best way to stay ahead of the market, so encourage them to submit pictures featuring your beer at their barbecues or holiday parties. Pay attention to their comments and suggestions. You never know from where your next big seller could come.

If you’re outsourcing, hire an innovative beer web design company that shares your love for a tasty cold one. Bonus points if it has the skills and services to help you drive traffic to your site. Beer is about fun, and you want a website that captures all your brewery has to offer.

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