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For a construction company to impress a potential client with its abilities and offerings, the company needs a website that conveys the right level of professionalism and attracts potential clients.

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The right construction web design firm can help ensure that a website converts visitors into clients or leads effectively, even on the first visit, through the proper use of site elements to lead visitors through a sales funnel. With an effective website, construction companies can easily showcase their portfolios as they work to generate more effective leads.

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Elements of a Successful Construction Website Design

In the competitive construction industry, building a website is not sufficient to ensure online success. That website needs to have a design that works to drive people to the company’s contact information to help increase leads and job requests. These elements of a successful construction website are key to that.

Using Websites to Build Trust

A construction company’s website is a place to highlight the company’s credentials to establish trust with site visitors, so they choose that firm for their construction needs. The website should showcase these items:

  • Licensure
  • Certifications (LEED, etc.)
  • Memberships (any national/state associations or groups)
  • Awards and recognition
  • Better Business Bureau rating
  • Images from successfully completed projects

Using the symbols or badges from these awards, licenses and ratings are helpful, as they provide an instant visual of the company’s qualifications. Websites can also utilize client testimonials from satisfied clients to help build that level of trust. A construction web design company can help construction companies determine the areas they should highlight to help establish credibility the moment visitors land on the website.

Improving User Experience Through Website Design

Construction has tremendous competition, and if a company’s site isn’t user-friendly, visitors will simply move on to the next listing. Fast load times, visually appealing designs with ample white space and proper color contrast, logical linking structures, simple navigation and easy-to-find forms all contribute to a positive user experience. Without these key elements, the overall design will likely fail to create effective leads because visitors will click away quickly.

Focusing on SEO and Mobile-Friendly Designs

Website design is about more than just user experience, though a positive user experience is critical. It also requires elements that work for search engine optimization goals, ensuring potential leads can find the site to begin with. The structure of the site can hinder or help a company’s SEO ranking, which is why working with a construction web design agency that understands SEO is so critical. In addition, since more and more people are using mobile devices to access the web, a mobile-friendly design for a construction website is necessary.

Creating a Conversion Funnel Through a Construction Website

A construction website represents a first opportunity to make a clear impression on a site visitor, and a chance to turn that visitor into a viable lead for the company’s services. This requires a clear conversion funnel, which takes site visitors through four stages:

  • Awareness of the company and its services
  • Interest in what the company offers
  • Desire to partner with that company for construction needs
  • Action the visitor takes to contact the company

The overall website design combined with the images and content it contains, and a prominent lead capture form or company contact information, will turn that tool into an effective conversion funnel.

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