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In a highly competitive market such as the car wash industry, it’s especially challenging to grow your business. Potential customers have plenty of choices for this service.

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One of the biggest challenges for car wash owners is convincing prospects to choose your business over others, especially when competitors are nearby. To be the car wash of choice time and time again, you need a clear differentiator. A great way to set yourself apart is through website design.

What Website Design Does for a Car Wash

People driving past your facility know only what they can see — the size of your car wash, how crowded it is, posted prices and associated advertising. You can communicate value in the split seconds that someone drives by, but the Internet gives you a way to communicate even more. When prospects search for local car washes, you want your website to wow them enough to come to you. This is where a car wash web design company comes into play.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Working With a Car Wash Web Design Firm

A professional car wash web design agency can offer a website design that builds credibility and authority with prospects, making them want to visit your facility. Using best practices and researched strategies, a web design firm organizes and creates content in such a way that it generates leads and increases sales.

How Car Wash Web Design Services Help You

For businesses in the car wash industry, good web design will incorporate a variety of key elements, all with the purpose of increasing conversions. These elements may include features such as:

  • Clear location information: If your website’s main goal is bringing more business to your car wash, visitors need to know where it’s located. You want to feature your address, phone number and hours of operation clearly, regularly and prominently.
  • Customer reviews: Positive reviews of your business are a great way to build credibility with visitors. When people see that a car wash is highly rated, they are more compelled to use it.
  • Simplified navigation: Keep your site’s navigation menu short and simple, with six or fewer items — and a “contact” button as the last item. If simplifying the menu feels tough, your car wash web design company can help you determine how to organize your navigation list.
  • A mobile-friendly design: Especially for a local business such as a car wash, you can expect prospects to search for you on the go — on smartphones, tablets, etc. Responsive design ensures that your website displays optimally no matter what device is being used to access it. This creates a better user experience and ensures you don’t lose prospects before you can get them to your facility.

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