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In today’s competitive medical marketplace, prospective patients have plenty of options when it comes to health care, especially when they look online. This is why standing out as an OB-GYN practice starts with strategic website design.

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When looking for a new OB-GYN, the Internet is often a good place to start. When prospects visit your site, the impression your website design makes will partly determine whether your office — or someone else’s — gets a call.

  • Does your practice seem credible? Or is it hard to get a sense of what it offers?
  • Does it make prospects want to choose you for care? Or does it send them looking elsewhere?

When you’re looking to build your practice, you need a website that is communicating effectively. To make sure you’re attracting prospects instead of losing them, you want to enlist the support of an OB-GYN web design company.

What You Gain by Working With an OB-GYN Web Design Agency

When you partner with professionals who understand web design and the challenges of medical marketing, you gain a powerful resource for reaching your target audience. A professional OB-GYN web design firm will use a variety of strategies to help you create a strong online presence: streamlined design, compelling calls to action, mobile readiness, location mapping, clear contact information, etc. All of these components will work together to create a strong, cohesive message that builds trust with prospects and encourages them to contact your practice.


Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

A Checklist for Strong OB-GYN Web Design

When you work with an OB-GYN web design firm, it will employ specific strategies for turning your website into a lead-generation machine. Generally speaking, your design should include the following:

  • Simple navigation, with six or fewer items in the main menu
  • Streamlined design that guides visitors to important information
  • Custom, attractive photos that communicate information about your practice, staff, services, etc.
  • Clear mapping and location information, for the sake of search engines — and for patients trying to find your office
  • Prominent contact information to make it easy for visitors to reach you
  • Compelling calls to action throughout the site, encouraging prospects to contact you
  • A user-friendly patient portal for accessing messages, prescriptions, referrals, test results, etc.
  • Relevant, regularly updated information in blogs, articles, etc.
  • A responsive website design that adapts to a visitor’s viewing device

This checklist is a starting point for what can help turn your website into a powerful 24/7 marketing tool. When you work with a reputable OB-GYN web design company, these are some components it will seek to include in your design.

Learn More About Building a Powerful OB-GYN Website

When you’re looking to create the kind of online destination that effectively promotes your practice, convinces prospects to trust you, and generates new leads, you can benefit from OB-GYN web design services from a company such as Straight North.

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