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As a funeral director, you know that making the best first impression is more important than being the best-known name in the business. But to compete, you must get your business in front of more people.

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You could build a customized, mobile-friendly website in-house, but to really stand out from the competition and grow your business, you need a professional funeral home web design agency that knows how to convert leads into sales.

Best Website Design Features for Funeral Homes

Show your prospective clients that you have the experience and understanding to take them through this difficult time. Your funeral home web design firm will build an elegant, mobile-friendly website that makes it easy for bereaved families to find the information they need.

  • You want your website to be as beautifully designed as your funeral home, and as easy to navigate so your visitors feel welcome and at ease. Make sure your phone number, email address, street address and social media icons are listed above the fold, along with a professional photo of your building.
  • Include descriptions of all the services and amenities you provide for family members, so they’ll know what to expect when they arrive at your funeral home. It’s all about customer experience at this point, which means you need to make their website visit as informative as possible.
  • Have your funeral home web design company create a gallery that gives clients the opportunity to look at everything they would see if they were in your showroom. Families have tough decisions to make, and if some of those choices can be made in the privacy of their homes, your website design has accomplished its purpose.
  • Set your clients’ minds at ease concerning the cost of a funeral by providing a pricing guide and a contact form for a customized quote. Include a payment portal as well.
  • Provide information for pre-arranged funeral planning, sending flowers, writing memorial tributes and obituaries, and finding grief support groups.
  • A page for testimonials can offer peace to families that are apprehensive about the activities they’ll be facing in the days ahead.
  • Include photos of your staff so families will recognize friendly faces when they walk through your doors.

Comfort is key during these difficult times, and your customers are looking to you and your staff to be the starting point in healing their grief. To further help grief-stricken families, share your insights in blog posts about subjects such as planning different types of funeral services, moving on after the loss of a loved one, and explaining death to children.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Building Your Business One Family at a Time

Your website does more than represent your funeral home online. It also serves as your business card, your sales pitch, your showroom, and your most important business-building tool — your lead generator.

For a website that delivers the results you seek, present your funeral home as experienced and trustworthy. Let visitors know that you understand the pain of loss and that you treat your customers with the utmost care and respect. And watch your business grow.

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