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When a homeowner or commercial business is in the market for a new roof, there are a plethora of companies from which to choose. That’s why, if you’re a roofing company, your website design can be vital — and the determining factor in whether or not you drum up new business.

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When someone’s roof has a leak, suffers from weather damage or is in need of replacement, the first place to search for a roofer is oftentimes online. Therefore, you need a website — and the kind of web design — that will entice potential customers to contact you. Working with a roofing web design company can help you accomplish this goal.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Helpful Strategies for Roofing Web Design Services

A roofing web design agency can be valuable in that it offers the experience and expertise to help you create a robust website — the kind that builds business. By using proven strategies and research to design your site, it can help you make the most of online traffic.

Here are some strategies that a professional roofing web design firm uses to guide site creation and efficiency.

1. Make it attractive. Many website visitors are visually oriented, and will leave immediately when sense your site is unappealing. So, how can you make your site more aesthetically valuable? Skip templates and customize your design. Choose colors that reflect your branding. Use professional photos and imagery to communicate more powerfully with the people who view your site.

2. Keep it updated. Regularly updating your roofing site — such as through blogging, for example — shows visitors and search engines that you care about your readers. Likewise, it builds online authority and makes you more of an industry resource.

3. Showcase your work. Promote your roofing services by showing potential customers what you can do and what you’ve done. Include a portfolio of beautiful images that showcase your projects. Use galleries and slideshows to highlight your work. Also, include testimonials from happy clients and a list of certifications/accreditations that add credibility to your business.

4. Simplify the design. A cluttered design muddies your message. Rather than stuffing your site with content, links and photos, think strategically about what is most important to share. When you keep navigation menus to six or fewer items, use headers and bullets to organize content, and otherwise create your site with intention, it makes for a better user experience.

5. Be easy to reach. If your goal is to get prospects to call you, highlight your phone number and display it prominently — and create calls to action that prompt them to get in touch. Through strategic copywriting and form placement, a roofing web design agency can help you create CTAs that convert.

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