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Each year, more than 148 million travel bookings are made online, which represent 57 percent of all travel reservations. Interestingly, last-minute reservations are becoming increasingly popular, and 65 percent of those come not only from online sources, but also from mobile sources.

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Therefore, website design is critical in this industry. It’s often the only chance a hotel, tourism attraction or similar tourism business has to make the right impression and get the reservation.

Using Tourism and Hospitality Website Design to Build Trust With Travelers

The key to having an effective website for tourism or hospitality businesses is using the site to build trust. People researching travel options rely heavily on the Internet to find information about a destination they have never visited. The key components of the design need to focus on showcasing the property or attraction in a way that causes people to desire it. Working with a tourism and hospitality web design agency will ensure these critical components are part of the final design.

Use Photos to Showcase Products and Services

Photos are important in any website design, but downright critical for hospitality and tourism sites. After all, no one wants to stay in a hotel room that is a complete surprise upon arrival. Through quality photographs of a property and its amenities/attractions, tourism industry professionals can entice people to book a stay or purchase attraction tickets. The photographs need to showcase the property’s amenities — showing clean, attractive hotel rooms; inviting amenities; or people having fun with attractions. These will build trust and entice people to make a reservation.

Create a Responsive Design

As many as 85 percent of travelers use their smartphones when traveling — to check in to their hotel, research attractions and activities, and even make last-minute bookings. If the location’s website doesn’t cater to mobile users, it will fail to get traffic from these travelers. Work with a tourism and hospitality web design company to ensure that the website is effective for those searching on phones or tablets for the services your company offers, and you will see an increase in the number of reservations you get.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Highlight Positive Reviews

Since most travelers have a bad hotel stay story to tell, it helps for them to see that others have been happy with the services your facility provides. Therefore, tourism and hospitality websites should include — and highlight — positive reviews. Show potential visitors that people enjoy staying at your hotel or visiting your attraction, and it will build the trust needed to coax them into booking with you.

Lead Site Visitors to the Booking Decision

Hotel and tourism professionals must clearly state what they want visitors to do on their websites. This means making the booking/ticket purchase links prominent throughout the site, and logically driving people to contact you. The placement of a “book now” link and the overall flow of the website impact whether or not travelers will take action — a tourism and hospitality web design firm can help take site visitors through a natural conversion tunnel to their purchases.

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