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As an industry-leading, ecommerce SEO firm, Straight North has an expert team who are adept at handling technical complex issues, persuasive copywriting, and link acquisition. Start expanding your reach, attracting your target audience and outselling your competitors today.

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Increase Revenue with Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO services cover a greater breadth and depth of activity than that required for most websites. Ecommerce websites often have very large product catalogs, thousands of web pages, complex technical SEO issues, poor URL and product category structure, and duplicate content issues. This means you need an ecommerce SEO agency capable of identifying and addressing these and other critical issues.

Before hiring an ecommerce SEO company, take a hard look at the results achieved for clients with ecommerce websites. Did the company increase keyword rankings, organic traffic and revenue? Does it have positive online reviews? After your research, you will find that Straight North is your best partner!

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Benefits of Our Ecommerce SEO Services

Our SEO services for ecommerce websites are designed to help your business.

Increase Ecommerce Revenue

An effectively planned and implemented ecommerce SEO campaign drives more inbound website traffic, more sales and more revenue. 

Gain New Customers

Our ecommerce SEO experts help drive new visitors to your website where they can make purchases and become loyal customers.

Improve Credibility

Build trust and credibility with your target audience by ensuring your business is easily found at the top of search engines.

Increase Search Rankings

We create a keyword strategy, write high-quality content, and identify and address technical SEO issues, as well as acquire links to improve your rankings.

Grow Website Traffic

An effective SEO strategy helps your ecommerce website boost its keyword rankings in search engines, which drives more traffic to your website.

Raise Brand Visibility

Your SEO campaign gets you in front of shoppers at the top of search engines, which maximizes the visibility of your business.

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Ecommerce SEO Agency That Works for You

Ecommerce SEO focuses on driving targeted organic search traffic to your home, product category and product detail pages. We develop SEO strategies based on your unique needs. Our ecommerce SEO experts do this by researching your business, website, industry and competitors to create an effective keyword strategy. Then, our team of professionals writes high-quality content, acquires valuable links to your website, and identifies and addresses technical SEO issues.

Straight North focuses on optimizing your website and promoting your content on publisher websites, so your business gets the results you want — higher rankings, more traffic and increased revenue. When you work with our ecommerce SEO company, you get the support of an entire team of SEO specialists, copywriters, editors, designers, content marketing specialists and account managers.

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A Proven Process That Gets Results

A comprehensive and orderly SEO campaign process — organized and kept on track by a strong account manager — is the key to success.

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Our data-driven, custom digital marketing strategies reveal your business’ growth potential. Let’s talk!

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