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In today’s saturated market of web hosting companies, simply offering hosting services isn’t enough to gain business. To stand out, you must offer some kind of additional value to customers — and communicate that value clearly and powerfully online.

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The challenge for contemporary web hosting companies is competing in a market filled with DIY website builders, discounted pricing and complex needs. Nowadays, attracting new customers is about finding a way to differentiate your services from the other hosting providers out there.

So, what sets your business apart? Why should someone opt for your hosting expertise? What do you offer that is unique? Answers to these questions will be your guide for what’s needed to communicate clearly and powerfully through your website design. By emphasizing a strong value differentiator, you can better convince prospects to work with you.

Why Professional Website Design Matters for Hosting Companies

In an Internet-based industry such as web hosting, the impression you make with your site design is vital. Here’s why.

  • Establishing credibility. Simply put, your online presence says something about your online services. If your site is clunky or hard to navigate, why would someone trust you as a hosting provider? Utilizing professional web design and its best practices tells prospects they can rely on you.
  • Answering questions. A lot of prospects will have questions when they visit your site. Do you have answers to these questions? If so, they’re more likely to contact you. If not, they’ll likely leave — and find a competitor. Use your site to effectively communicate value and inform people about your services, and you’ve got a better chance to win them over.
  • Generating leads. The people who come to your site looking for web hosting help are the perfect individuals for your business. Use compelling contact forms with calls to action to get them to reach out to you — and gain even more opportunities to market to them about your hosting services.

From businesses to bloggers, today’s website owners have a lot of options. They’re savvy enough to shop around and compare providers. Therefore, when you want to convince them to do business with you, working with a professional web hosting web design company is part of a savvy strategy.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Strategic Web Hosting Web Design Services to Distinguish Your Brand

From keyword-rich content that boosts SEO to responsive design catering to mobile devices, there are a variety of factors that influence good web hosting web design. When you work with a professional web hosting web design agency, you can expect it to strategize about these factors in order to make your site more successful. To give you a better idea of what that might include, here are some examples of best practices for web hosting web design:

  • Streamlined design that prioritizes your most important info
  • A clear site hierarchy that guides visitors through content
  • A simple navigation menu with six or fewer items
  • Crisp, compelling imagery that communicates your value
  • Keyword-rich content about your services, hosting plans, types of clients, etc.
  • Testimonials from happy clients, reinforcing what sets you apart from competitors
  • Prominent contact information encouraging prospects to reach out to you
  • A compelling call to action encouraging visitors to complete your business goal
  • Branding in keeping with your business colors, aesthetics and image
  • Responsive design that automatically adjusts to a visitor’s viewing device

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