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The real estate industry has become increasingly competitive in many areas. When the number of real estate agencies competing for limited sales opportunities keeps soaring, having a professional real estate website with engaging website design and the right features can help your real estate business stay ahead of the competition.

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Brand credibility is essential in this business. Your online presence is the first impression most potential customers will have of your agency: A recent study commissioned by the National Association of Realtors indicated that 94 percent of millennials and 84 percent of baby boomers prefer conducting some online research before buying a home.

It is difficult to attract these potential clients to your website and convert them into your funnel without credible website design. Here are some creative real estate web design tips and tactics that can help you offer a pleasant and engaging experience with your brand to prime your prospects to choose you as their agency.

Tailor Content to Your Ideal Buyer

Offering lots of helpful content on your site helps to engage potential customers and begins the process of building healthy working relationships with them. Ensure that your website content has vital insights and unique information that is relevant to your target audience, and most preferably something they don’t find with the competition.

Customers looking for the perfect home or commercial property don’t want to waste time reading several paragraphs of irrelevant text. Your onsite content should guide visitors along their buying journey through your various web pages. A real estate web design agency with experienced real estate web designers can help you create a compelling core message, followed by a custom search option, which will redirect your visitors to featured properties, suitable neighborhoods and agent profiles.


Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Don’t Let That Prospect Go!

Real estate has a long sales cycle, and property buyers are often repeat customers — so once your target audience is familiar with your company, it’s important to capture their contact information. You’ll need a subscription form on your real estate website that encourages visitors to sign up to receive additional information from you. It helps to offer an incentive for signing up. A good real estate web design firm understands how to create a user-friendly interface and clear message that increases the rate at which you get subscriptions.

Keep It Mobile-Friendly

A significant number of homebuyers search for properties using their mobile devices — especially those hot buyers who are actively doing drive-bys. Your website visitor is far more likely to return to your website if he or she doesn’t have to struggle with usability issues or do a lot of zooming and scrolling to read through your site. It’s therefore essential to work with a real estate web design company with expertise in mobile-responsive design. Your site’s pages will then adapt effortlessly and fit into their various screens, regardless of the type of device your visitors use.

A reputable online presence will attract traffic and support the sales process. Make sure these features — along with others such as reliable contact information and custom search options — are clearly included on the site. Once you are satisfied with your real estate website design, you can start marketing it to extend your reach even further.

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