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When people need chiropractors, there’s no shortage of options. That’s why, in order to stand out, chiropractic offices require strategic website design to help attract potential patients.

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Every day, people in your area are looking for chiropractors. When they visit your website, will it sell them on your services or turn them away before you can meet them? Your website design can make a difference. By working with a professional chiropractor web design company, you can turn your website into a round-the-clock marketing tool that generates new leads and attracts new patients.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Key Chiropractor Web Design Services

You get one chance to make a first impression on website visitors. When people come to your site, it will typically take them mere seconds to decide whether or not to trust you. A professional chiropractor web design firm can help you create the kind of website that instills confidence, builds online authority and helps you boost business.

With these goals in mind, here are some best practices that can help your chiropractor website garner the attention and results you desire.

  • Clean design. A cluttered website won’t communicate your message clearly. Instead of overwhelming your webpages with extraneous information and details, distill it to the most essential. A professional chiropractor web design agency can help you identify the most important content to highlight and how to organize it effectively.
  • Simple navigation. Your site’s navigation menu should have no more than six main items, and the Contact page should be the last item in the list.
  • Local listings. As a local business, your online contact information needs to be accurate and consistent. What you display on your website needs to match your information on a Google My Business listing and/or other sites.
  • Professional photos. Avoid stock photos, which diminish authenticity and fail to tell prospects anything about your office. Instead, invest in professional images that are both attractive and informative — enticing prospects to contact or visit you.
  • Clear calls to action. Encourage and/or instruct visitors to contact you with clear calls to action throughout your website – such as “call now” or “find out more.” CTAs can be in the form of links or buttons (generally at the bottoms of pages), or more detailed forms that prompt visitors to request appointments or consultations.
  • Updated content. Regularly adding fresh content to your site through a blog is a great way to let search engines know you’re active and authoritative. What’s more, it positions you as a leader in the field, helping prospects trust you.
  • Reviews. Testimonials from current and past patients are highly beneficial online, as they let prospects know your chiropractic care is trustworthy.

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