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When someone is looking for a rehab center, the most likely place to search is online. When people land on your website, will it draw them to your facility or turn them away? Website design can make sure it’s the former, not the latter.

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Your rehab facility has a golden opportunity to reach more people through your website. How? Patients and their loved ones will often research facilities online, looking for specific features, amenities, geographic locations, etc. This means your website could be the first chance to make a good impression and attract them to you for care. Essentially, your website design can communicate that you’re a facility worth visiting, allowing you to provide more help to more people.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

What Goes Into Good Rehab Web Design?

When you’re looking to create the kind of website that draws patients and keeps your facilities full, a rehab web design company can help. Through strategic rehab web design services, your facility will be able to present a better face to the public, create stronger first impressions to attract patients and build business over time.

What are the features a rehab web design agency will want to include to create an effective site? Here are some examples.

1. Credibility elements. Before people will trust you for care, they need to get the sense that you’re trustworthy. Some effective online credibility elements for rehab facilities include listing credentials/affiliations, testimonials, and relevant, helpful content. Likewise, a streamlined, simple web design with high-quality photos communicates professionalism and tells prospects you are a facility to consider. You may even want to include virtual tours of your facilities so prospects get a sense of what you offer.

2. Simple navigation. The harder it is for people to find information on your site, the more likely they won’t become clients. This is why a rehab web design company will want to give you simple navigation — with six or fewer items —highlighting your most important pages. This makes it easier for prospects to find what they need.

3. Mobile design. More than half of today’s website users are on mobile devices, meaning you need the kind of site that adapts to various screen sizes. Through the responsive design a rehab web design firm can create, you gain a website that naturally adjusts to smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and other devices.

4. Prominent contact info. If the goal of your site is to increase the number of patients, you have to help visitors reach out to you with prominent contact info. Prominently display your phone number — such as the top right-hand corner of your webpages — and include clear calls to action with contact forms and click-to-call buttons to encourage people to contact you.

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