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Flooring companies need a strong online presence in order to generate new business.

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In a crowded marketplace, that website needs to be laser-focused on the company’s goals. In most cases, a flooring company has three main goals for its website design:

  • To increase sales of flooring products
  • To get more leads for flooring installation, repair and restoration services
  • To increase brand knowledge in the local community

In order to achieve those goals, your company needs the right design and a website that will convert visitors into buyers. Every element that goes into the pages need to focus on these goals, so the site will be effective at helping your company grow.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Key Elements for Flooring Company Website Design

If you are working with a flooring web design company, make sure it focuses on the right elements that will make your site successful at converting. Here are some elements that you need in your flooring website design.

  • Clear, accessible call to action. What do you want your site visitors to do? Whether it’s an invitation to visit your showroom or a request for them to call for a custom quote, make your call to action clear and accessible on every page of your site.
  • Easy navigation. Don’t make it difficult for customers to find what they want. Make your navigation simple, naturally guiding customers to the buying process or desired contact action.
  • Mobile-friendly design. Your site must be mobile-friendly — or mobile-responsive — if you’re going to convert visitors to customers. Visitors on smartphones who cannot access key areas will simply click away to your competitors. Even if visitors do their initial flooring research on computers, they’ll likely use smartphones to share your website’s offerings with friends.
  • Fast load times. Flooring websites are often image-heavy. You need to show images of your flooring products and work, but make sure those images are properly sized so they do not slow your load time. People will click away after just a few seconds if your site doesn’t load properly.
  • Attractive, appropriate images. Show images of flooring products you sell or jobs you completed. Work with a flooring web design agency to choose the most attractive images that will generate sales, and position them strategically on the site.
  • Trust building elements. Flooring is an investment, and your site visitors want to know why they should trust you. Add testimonials, links to off-site reviews and any awards or certificates you have earned that will build trust with visitors.
  • Authoritative branding. Your website must have branding elements that set your flooring services apart from the competition. Not only does this include your logo or motto, but also your overall design. Your flooring web design firm will help keep your branding consistent throughout the site.

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