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When someone is looking to book a vacation, there are almost limitless possibilities today. That’s why, in order for your travel business to stand out, you need a robust website presence that generates leads and results in more reservations.

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Whether it’s a quick overnight stay or an extended summer vacation, today’s travelers tend to research options long before they book. That’s why you need a compelling website design that will convince them to choose you, so you can keep growing your business through the power of a 24/7 online marketing tool.

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A Few Principles of Good Travel Website Design

When you work with a travel web design company, it will likely rely on several key principles to formulate a design that appeals to your audience. Here are some guidelines to follow when determining your travel web design services.

1. Stunning images showcase what you offer. So much of selling prospects on travel destinations is visual. People want to see firsthand what a place has to offer. Professional images show visitors what’s unique about your destination or experience. Skip thumbnails or small images. Instead, choose large, high-resolution photos that practically create an immersive online experience for visitors. Use custom, professional pictures to create an ambiance that draws potential travelers to you.

2. Testimonials create credibility. No matter what you’re marketing, testimonials are usually helpful — but this is especially true in the travel industry where prospects are deciding where to spend their discretionary dollars. Highlight positive reviews from past clients, and show your audience why it can trust you.

3. Online booking encourages sales. Make it easy for prospects to purchase from you by including online booking options in your design. This way, you can capture new customers without any distractions or hindrances preventing a sale.

4. Always include location and mapping information. Whether you sell bus tours in Chicago or overnight stays in New England, make it clear and obvious where you are located and how prospects can reach you. Include prominent location information with mapping so visitors clearly understand where you are.

5. Be easy to reach. Another guiding principle for a travel web design agency is accessibility — it should be easy to reach you. Post your phone number somewhere prominent on your site, such as in the top right-hand corner of every page.

6. Expect people to search on mobile devices. A large percentage of people use mobile devices to search online. Therefore, your travel website needs to accommodate various viewing devices, from smartphones to desktop computers. Your travel web design agency will want to create a responsive design that automatically adjusts to a visitor’s device, thus facilitating a positive user experience and keeping users from clicking away to your competition.

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