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In the United States, the carpet cleaning industry brings in more than $3.63 billion dollars a year —indicating there is significant competition in that marketplace.

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If your carpet cleaning company is going to stand out from the crowd and get the bookings you need, it requires a professional website that will transform visitors into customers. This starts with an effective website design. Working with a carpet cleaning web design firm will help carpet cleaning companies create effective websites that generate leads and appointments.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Create a Carpet Cleaning Website Design That Increases Sales

The goal of any carpet cleaning website design is to increase bookings and sales. There are several key components that a carpet cleaning web design company can work into the design to accomplish this. Some of these include:

  • Clear, easy-to-find booking option. If the goal is to get people to book cleanings, the option needs to be clear and easy for visitors to find. An online booking link or clickable phone number is ideal, and a carpet cleaning web design firm can help incorporate this into the site’s design.
  • Clear calls to action. Whether the call to action is to book online or to call, it needs to be specified clearly on the page and in a location where the visitor logically goes. Tell site visitors what they need to do to get their carpets cleaned with your help, and then make it easy for them to take that action.
  • Elements that build trust. Your website needs to convince visitors that you are the best option for their carpet cleaning needs. Highlight certifications, customer testimonials, unique cleaning methods or any other factors that make you unique from your competition.
  • Mobile-equipped website. People are relying on their smartphones more and more to research service providers and make buying decisions, so your carpet cleaning website must be mobile-friendly and responsive. This also will boost your SEO ranking, helping with leads by both serving the customer and improving your search results.
  • Quality images. Quality images of completed jobs (including before and after shots), rather than stock images, will create more leads. People want to see the quality of the company’s work, not stock images of clean carpets. In addition, bright, attractive photos on the home page highlighting your handiwork will catch the attention of visitors.
  • Free quote service. People shopping for carpet cleaning have one ultimate question — how much will it cost? Provide a free quote form, and you will get more calls.
  • Logical navigation. If people can’t find what they need quickly, they’ll click away to your competition. The overall navigation of your website needs to logically take potential customers through their questions to a booking decision. Easy-to-find tabs, working links and a clear navigation bar are all critical components. Working with a carpet cleaning web design agency will help your company ensure that its design is easy for visitors to navigate.

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