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Finding new clients is the biggest challenge many firms face — even more than cost control, operational efficiency or client pressure. In today’s competitive law industry, prospects have a lot of choices when they’re looking for a new attorney.

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Research shows the best time to capture a potential law client online is the first time he or she visits your website. In those pivotal first few moments, there’s a much higher chance of conversion than in subsequent visits. This is why quality website design matters. When your firm works with a professional attorney web design company to create a website that produces conversions, it can make the most of each new visit — helping you attract new clients to your firm.

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Best Practices for Attorney Website Design

When you’re looking to create the kind of web design that boosts business for your law firm, there are a variety of best practices to keep in mind. A professional attorney web design agency will recommend elements and practices that are shown to increase conversions, including:

  • Simplifying. A cluttered website does not serve your firm well. If visitors can’t find what they need quickly and easily, they’re most likely to leave yours site — and go to a competitor’s. You need a design that’s streamlined, focused on your main message and providing information about key elements such as personnel, services and contact info.
  • Shortening the navigation menu. If your site’s navigation menu has more than six main items, it’s too long. Trim to a shorter, simple list of what’s most important. Working with a professional attorney web design firm can help you brainstorm the best ways to organize your site’s menu.
  • Using bold, clear text. Your site needs to be scannable instead of cluttered with huge blocks of text. Use easy-to-read fonts and text large enough for optimal viewing. Use headers, bullet points and other organization features to make information stand out.
  • Showcasing services and personnel. Who are your attorneys and what services does your firm offer? These are two questions a visitor typically will have when perusing your site. Showcase your services and provide attorney profiles to answer these questions for potential clients.
  • Featuring responsive design. People will access your site on a variety of devices, from smartphones to desktop computers. A responsive design adapts to each device and offers an optimal viewing experience — vital if you hope to provide a positive user experience.
  • Offering testimonials. In terms of building credibility and trust, testimonials are powerful. Whether you use quotes or videos, show prospects why they should contact you by highlighting what past clients say.
  • Presenting clear contact Info. If the goal of your site is to attract prospects, you need to make it easy for them to contact you. Prominently display your phone number, include a “contact” button as the last item in your navigation menu, and include a form on the “contact” page to encourage prospects to reach out. Likewise, use clear, compelling calls to action throughout your site, encouraging visitors to contact you.

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