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Home inspectors have a unique challenge when formulating their website design. People generally don’t buy houses often, so most of their site visitors have little experience hiring a home inspector. As a result, the website must be effective at not only telling potential customers why they need a home inspector, but also convincing them to hire that particular home inspection company.

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The site’s design is critical to doing this effectively; working with a home inspection web design company can help ensure the site conveys this message and converts site visitors well. Here are some goals home inspection companies should have when building a site that is designed to convert visitors into customers.

Create a Design … That Naturally Leads to a Buying Decision

For home inspectors, the ultimate goal of a website is not to inform and educate (although those are helpful elements) — it is to coax site visitors to hire them. This means every page and every element on the site needs to lead visitors down that path. Each page and link needs to subtly chauffeur the reader to the contact form. When working with a home inspection web design agency to build a site, consider the impact of each element you are adding, and make sure it aligns with that ultimate goal.

Create a Design … That Works on Mobile

En route to many decisions, today’s homebuyers are using smartphones for research. This includes research about hiring a home inspector. If your website design does not translate well to mobile access, potential customers will go elsewhere — possibly a competitor. Make it easy for them to find the information they need and contact you on a mobile device, and you will have a better chance of converting them to customers.


Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Create a Design … With Effective Content

The website’s content is as important as the overall design structure. Content — written and visual — needs to provide enough information about what you do and why customers need your services, while being persuasive enough to encourage them to hire you. It also needs to reflect the professional image you are trying to convey and be visually attractive to fit the site’s overall design.

Create a Design … That’s Easy to Navigate

People searching for home inspectors are arguably stressed with the home-buying process, given that it’s such a major decision. If your website frustrates them, they won’t stick around. Work with a home inspection web design firm to ensure the site is easy to navigate and loads quickly.

Create a Design … That Highlights Your Credentials

Building trust is important when courting new customers. If you have logos or seals from third-party certifications, include those at the bottom of every page of your website; this gives you the professional image you want to convey. If you have InterNACHI certification, display the seal prominently — but also use “certified” when referring to yourself or your company to help lend credibility, in layman’s terms, to your company.

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