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When considering website design for your bank, think of the potential client who’s reading your website. A good online experience builds expectations for a good in-person experience. A bank’s business is built on trust, and your website design must create trust for potential customers.

Make It Easy

Whether you have an in-house web design team or hire a bank web design firm to create your site, make sure your website design is easy to navigate. Your top-of-page menu should contain five or six headings, each with sub-pages in drop-down menus. Add the same menu to a right-hand sidebar if you like. Also, mobile users like responsive design. Make your site simple to navigate, or visitors will get frustrated and leave.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Show Your Friendly Side

Your Home page should present your bank as a friendly, helpful and safe resource to potential customers. Customers want to be comfortable with your staff, whether in person, on chat windows, by email or on the phone. Your website can provide head shots and credentials, so your customers can put a face to a name.

Teach Them What You Want Them to Know

Include compelling content to persuade businesses and individuals to use your bank. Decision-making information and easy-to-use online tools provide a foundation on which to build.

A conscientious bank will make an effort to give the history of the institution while informing readers about the different functions and services the bank provides. This history can be presented through press releases or public relations articles on the About Us page. Include solid testimonials here as well.

  • Community Outreach page identifies local projects that your bank sponsors. Include an Events Calendar of informative and/or fun programs such as seminars on investment strategies, road trips organized for bank customers, and even children’s classes that teach the importance of saving and investing. This page can include other community outreach such as environmental projects or charitable events sponsored by the bank. These things help potential customers get to know you before they decide to do business with you.
  • Make sure your bank web design firm builds a Help page. This page should contain mortgage calculators, investment schedules, FAQs, check order forms, credit reports, branch hours and locations — basically any information a customer would need to find in a pinch. This page is especially important to have in a responsive design format so that it’s easily accessible from mobile devices.
  • Always include a Contact Us page. Customers need to know that you’re there when they need you. Forms should be easy to complete and not too invasive. Remember, you’re building trust to engage new customers. If they’re overwhelmed by asking for help, you’re not providing the banking environment they’re seeking.

A clean, simple, easy-to-use website lets potential customers know who you are, what you do and what you stand for. Being transparent builds customer confidence in your bank, so they feel good about making it their bank.

There are many bank web design services, and due diligence is key. If you are outsourcing, choose a bank web design agency that reflects your high standards. An experienced, reputable bank web design company will be well-versed in government guidelines and ensure the required legal and security regulations are met.

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