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Just as advancements in technology have revolutionized how logistics companies do business, your logistics company website design will serve you and your customers better when it incorporates advanced features that make it easy for your customers to work with you.

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A good website that stands out in regard to design, usability and navigation will give you an instant advantage in an industry full of clichéd images and cumbersome design. Here are some essential elements that your logistics and supply chain website should contain.

Tools and Apps

Your website is far more than a fancy online brochure. An experienced logistics and supply chain web design agency can develop and embed tracking tools, freight calculators, ordering apps, and other useful tools and apps that make it easy to do business with you. These can be a game-changing convenience and time saver for you and your customers.

Credibility and Trustworthiness

Credibility is a measure of how trustworthy and viable your marketing is perceived by potential retailers. If your website design is not credible, you are certainly scaring away would-be customers. A trustworthy logistics and supply chain website will include the following features:

  • Testimonials: Knowing that other companies have had a good experience with you will go a long way toward putting potential buyers at ease. Include a testimonial page, and use testimonials strategically on other pages to highlight the services you offer.
  • Social media links: Social proof, such as social media likes and shares, demonstrate that you have a loyal following. If you are active on social media, be sure to integrate your social accounts into your website.
  • Security/trust symbols: Any good logistics and supply chain web design firm will incorporate clear and precise trust marks, quality guarantees and/or a clear refund policy into your website design. Giving potential buyers a refund policy clause offers them a sense of security so they feel more confident about doing business with you.
  • Case studies: Nothing provides better proof of your competency than a customer success story. You can include case studies as pages on your site, as posts on your blog, or as downloadable files. Grammatical errors and typos can negatively affect your credibility; if you aren’t confident in your ability to produce a stellar case study, hire a logistics and supply chain web design company to create professionally presented case studies for your business.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Ease of Use

Dead links and dysfunctional forms can frustrate your site visitors and undermine the credibility of your website design. Work with a reputable logistics and supply chain web design firm to ensure that all your links, contact forms, live support and other features are functional.

Visitors to your website should also find it easy to navigate various pages without encountering confusing redirections or features. A clean layout and streamlined site map will help ensure that user experience remains optimal.

Mobile Responsiveness

An established logistics and supply chain web design agency understands the significance of mobile-responsive website design and will modify your website to suit both the large screens of desktops or laptops and the small screens of mobile devices. A responsive web design should be user-friendly to the many potential customers who are using mobile devices to search for your services. It will also help your visibility on Google when people search for your services online.

The Internet space is extremely competitive. Including these vital elements in your logistics company’s website design will help you attract and retain your customers’ attention and stay ahead of your competition.

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