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You spend your free time on the water— casting, reeling, waiting to set the hook. You really know your stuff — the best tips, tricks and practices to land those lunkers. Your passion is to share your knowledge with anyone who wants to learn, but have you built a website that highlights the great fishing adventures you offer? Or do you need an expert fishing web design agency to help you?

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Your website design tells a lot about your expertise. A talented fishing web design firm can create a site that will help you share your knowledge in a way that hooks your prospects, reels them in, and turns them into raving customers happy to buy from you again and again.

Cast Your Net Wide

A competent fishing web design company will set up your site with an intuitive navigation system so your prospects and customers they don’t miss a thing. This should include:

  • Your logo, phone number, email and social media icons all up top, so your prospects can easily recognize and reach out to you
  • A mobile-friendly responsive website design to reach an audience that’s on the go (so be sure to use a fishing web design agency with expertise in mobile responsive design)
  • A menu bar with links to main pages so your audience doesn’t have to work hard to learn what’s great about your business
  • A sidebar or two highlighting special, not-to-be-missed information
  • Plenty of call-to-action buttons encouraging visitors to take the next step
  • Don’t be afraid to have a long, scrolling page so visitors can easily find everything they want to know without having to make extra clicks — once you have them on the hook, you want to keep them there

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

All The Stuff of Which Fish Tales Are Made

Whether you choose the long scroll or a more traditional web design format, be sure to show visitors what you want them to see. Turn your site into the story of what they could experience. Fill your website with as many fish tales, happy faces and fish stringers as you can. These are the stories and photos that are going to attract your clients. There’s no reason to use stock photos. Gather your fishermen, women and children around the boat and snap away. Show the world what your business is all about.

That goes for your blog, too. Tell about the big fish of the day and show those hogs! Tell about a newbie’s first catch and let that proud smile shine. If it’s your first time out with a new boat, how about a short video of the maiden launch? Insert plenty of colorful action shots to build their excitement. Show happy fishermen, the catch of the day, your boat, equipment you rent or sell, even your live bait tank. Let visitors see what’s in store for them. Show off all the fun to be had, and visitors will move a step closer to becoming customers.

The excitement builds with each scroll of the page or click of the mouse, and the desire to book that fishing trip grows stronger. Help that urge come to the surface with a few more call-to-action buttons along the way.

Fishermen Love to Tell Stories, Too

Everyone knows that proud anglers are the best storytellers. Give them a chance to tell their tales, and enhance your reputation at the same time. Testimonials are a great way to build trust and grow your business online. And remember, a picture paints a thousand words, so give your customers the option to back up those fish tales with on-the-spot photos and video clips they can upload to your site.

Finally, be sure to include a newsletter opt-in form so you can keep in touch with site visitors at the “nibble” stage and nurture them until they’re ready to bite. Now you have a website that will haul in the big ones!

To learn more about Straight North’s fishing website design services, please request a quote now or call us toll-free at 855-883-0011.

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