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Marketing a franchise is about more than letting your parent company do it for you. If prospects are going to find your specific location — and not just your franchise’s corporate information — you need a custom website designed to create new business.

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Whether you’re an individual franchise owner or someone with dozens of franchise locations in your network, you need online marketing to help prospects find you. It doesn’t matter if your franchise is a hamburger restaurant or a car wash business, strategic website design gives you a 24/7 marketing tool. Working with a franchise web design company is a great way to increase leads and conversions, all while staying within the guidelines set by your parent company.

What Can You Expect From a Franchise Web Design Agency?

Thanks to its experience in website design and franchising, a franchise web design firm is the ideal resource for creating a robust online presence. Using research-backed strategies, it will help you harness the power of the Internet to answer prospects’ questions, encourage them to contact you and help you build business.


Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

A Checklist for Effective Franchise Web Design

As a franchise, you operate under the overarching authority of your brand, yet you have some freedom to run business day to day. Knowing how to create an online presence that adheres to set guidelines while also tailoring a message for your store(s) can be a challenge. That’s where a franchise web design firm can help. By implementing best practices, your professional franchise web design company will design the kind of website that gets results.

To give you an idea of what qualities make for a good franchise website, here’s a basic checklist of guiding principles.

  • Deferring to the corporate brand. As a franchise, you likely have elements such as a logo, color palette and company mission determined. Likewise, your brand may have specific guidelines to which you must adhere in your website design. All of these factors guide your business website.
  • Knowing what sets you apart. While you are part of a larger company, you’re also your own business, operating in a specific region and looking to connecting with local customers. Your website should set you apart by distinguishing where you serve and what you offer in your location(s).
  • Building a responsive website. Your prospects will arrive at your website on a variety of devices. Whether they’re using smartphones or desktop computers, you want them to easily find the information they need. Responsive design is a must today, as it helps your website adapt to any device for optimal viewing.
  • Creating an abundance of landing pages. Research shows that websites with more landing pages typically have more conversions that websites without them. Ditch the one-page website and go with a robust site filled with relevant, useful content aimed at specific visitors.

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