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Home builders have a highly targeted niche market. Though they are builders at heart, they are marketing to home buyers, seeking to sway some to purchase newly built options instead pre-owned homes.

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When designing a website for a home builder, the ultimate goal needs to be guiding visitors all the way through a buying decision. This requires a strong conversion funnel and a clear understanding of the target market. Working with a home builder web design agency can ensure every element works with that conversion funnel.

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Proven Website Design Strategies for Home Builders

As you choose a home builder web design firm to partner with as you craft a website for your company, make sure it takes the following into consideration.

Home page that hooks home buyers:

A key aspect of the conversion funnel is the right design on the home page. Images of beautiful homes and elements that build trust are critical. The goal of the home page is to generate an emotional response on the part of home buyers that will make them want to learn more about the home building process with your company. Content, images and layout all work together to generate this type of response.

Trust-building elements that speak to the reader:

If you have won awards or have specific certifications, these need to be highlighted on the website. However, the website design needs to keep the readers’ goals in mind, not simply serve as a place for you to showcase accolades. Make sure these trust-building elements are featured in a way that do not seem self-serving. Rather than listing your awards or claiming to be the “best” in the area, simply add the seal or award graphic to the site and allow it to speak for itself.

Quality, professional images:

Because home builders are selling a visual product — a newly built home — they need high-quality images properly placed on the website. These images should showcase the builder’s work, and they need to be of high quality — to promote professionalism.

Appropriate load time:

Filling a website with images can make it load slowly. This will deter site visitors from staying on the site. Work with a home builder web design company to ensure that the site loads quickly even while featuring plenty of much-needed, high-quality images.

Clear, easy-to-find call to action:

After the site has captured the emotions of visitors and made them desire to learn more about home building, they need to have a clear way to contact your company. The call to action and contact form need to be easy to find and use, and should be prominent on all pages of the site. If visitors have the thought of contacting you, they need to be able to do so easily — or else they’ll become frustrated and move on to your competition.

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