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Straight North’s creative services team produces a wide range of traditional marketing and communication materials that effectively promote brands, products and services. Properly designed, a business’s visual communications will capture attention, provide clarity and promote action.

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A few of the brands that trust their image to the team at Straight North:

  • ALA Logo
  • Amdocs Logo
  • Clover Logo
  • BCI Acrylic Logo
  • ProStockHockey Logo
  • The Joint Commission Logo

Looking for the Best Creative Marketing Agency?
Look No Further.

Here’s why our industry-leading creative design agency is the perfect fit for your growth-minded company:

Expert Creative Talent

Our designers and copywriters have loads of creative talent, and a great working chemistry that fosters collaboration and creativity.

Business Vertical Expertise

With industry-specific experience in many vertical markets, our creative staff will narrowly target your audience with the right materials.

Diverse Project Capabilities

Whether you need logo / branding services, brochures, ads, infographics or sales collateral pieces, we’re the creative services company that delivers.

Collaborative Process

Our creative professionals not only collaborate with one another, but they also collaborate closely with clients. Your feedback is much appreciated.


As an industry leader in high-quality creative services, our depth of experience in design, copywriting and project management is unmatched.

Strategic Direction

Our work follows your strategic direction, ensuring that messaging and imagery are integrated with your brand identity and company mission and vision. 

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As a leading creative design company, we boast a team of design specialists and expert project managers dedicated to generating materials that not only look great, but help you sell your products and services. Learn more about our pricing and capabilities.  

Why You’ll Love Working with Straight North

Here are the top three reasons our clients choose us — and choose to stay with us.

25+ Years in Business

Even with 25+ years as a creative marketing company, our graphic design projects are fresh and modern. 


All our employees are based in the United States. We will never offshore your work to anyone.

Full-Service Agency

We do it all! Make Straight North your single source for all your visual communication projects.

Industry-Leading Creative Design Company

Straight North offers a wide range of creative marketing services to meet your print and online requirements. We proudly services clients in every city nationwide, including Austin, Baltimore, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC. Our talented team of designers, copywriters, photographers and experienced project managers handles a wide range of projects, including logo design / branding, product / service brochures, sales collateral, advertisements, infographics, catalogs and publications, trade show graphics, presentations, photography and digital newsletters. 

Our Creativity Strengthens Your Brand

Our professional designers work closely with you to ensure that all your communications — online as well as print — are consistently on-brand. While Straight North values design for its own sake, we consider our marketing materials to be brand-building assets. That’s why we’re proud when our clients tell us that our projects have resulted in greater brand recognition, increased credibility and brand equity, improved customer loyalty, repeat customers, and more sales, revenue and leads.

About Straight North’s Creative Process

While some doubt the existence of a structured creative process, we’re here to tell you that such a thing does exist. Our creative team begins with the preparation or inspiration phase, during which we brainstorm random ideas and concepts and let them “marinate.” Next, we evaluate our ideas as a team to see which, if any, can withstand our critical thinking, deeper questions and colleagues’ reviews.

Assuming that an idea has survived the peer evaluation phase, we get down to the actual work of writing and designing the product. Our goals are to ensure that we have achieved the right textual and visual messaging for your brand, the material is engaging to your target audience, and it has the potential to generate leads and increase revenue.

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