Make Every Click Count®

Make Every Click Count® is a registered trademark of Straight North, and you see it on every page of our website and just about everywhere else we talk about our Internet marketing company.

Make Every Click Count® is our informal mission statement. (We don’t have a formal one.) We repeat this theme so often because when the dust settles, making every click count is exactly what we try to do for every client we serve.

To generate revenue, a client’s Internet marketing campaigns and company website must be designed purposefully. The purpose of Internet marketing campaigns and company websites is to generate sales leads and online revenue — because these are what justify the client’s investment in Internet marketing.

If website visitors wander aimlessly around the company website, no leads or revenue is produced. If users click on a PPC ad but fail to be impressed with the landing page they arrive at, no leads or revenue is produced. From these examples, you can see that every click must count. Every click on the website should take a visitor closer to an action that represents a step toward doing business. For SEO, PPC, display advertising and email marketing campaigns, the equation is exactly the same. Every time users click, from an organic search listing to a landing page to a submission form, progress needs to be made.

Sometimes, every click counts in a big way, such as when a website visitor hits the BUY button. But just as often, every click counts in a much more subtle way, such as when someone clicks on a “Download” button to learn more about a company he or she will decide to purchase from a month later.

To Make Every Click Count®, our staff needs to consider these points every step of the way, from strategy to copywriting to Web design to campaign execution. This is what makes us efficient in our processes, successful in reaching and exceeding client expectations.