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As a property manager, you know how important both a professional appearance and reliable infrastructure are when it comes to finding and retaining tenants or attracting investors. It’s just as true of your online “real estate” as it is of the brick-and-mortar portions of your property. For most visitors, your website will be the first impression they have of you. It needs to not only look good, but also work to bring them to your door.

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You have specific needs as a property manager, so not just any website will do. Having a website design that is properly created for a property management company’s needs will help keep vacancies to a minimum and attract your ideal tenants and investors. Here are some tips to make it happen.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

4 Essential Website Design Tips for Property Management Companies

1. Know who you want to attract. Different design decisions will make a world of difference in attracting the right people to your site. When you are clear on who you are looking to connect with, you can work with your property management web design company to choose colors, fonts, language and other web design features that will resonate with your ideal visitors. This can take time but is well worth it when it comes to site usability and ROI. Therefore, be sure to choose an agency that will make the effort to understand your business before diving into website creation.

2. Make it gorgeous. More so than companies in some other industries, you need your website to be visually compelling. Clean, uncluttered design is a must. Leave plenty of white space — it’s not just easier to read, but it will feel expansive and help your visitor associate your brand with feeling relaxed and at ease. Professional photos of your properties also are essential. You may want to include photo galleries and/or video tours to showcase your best properties.

3. Offer exceptional user experience (UX). If visitors have a hard time using your site, they’ll think you are difficult to do business with — if they stay on your site long enough to form an opinion. These days, mobile-responsive design is essential since so many people access the Internet on their phones. Don’t stop there. Everything on your site from navigation to contact forms should be tested to ensure optimal usability. And don’t forget, your site also can enhance the experience of those you do business with, and even save you time. Ask your property management web design agency to suggest appropriate features such as online scheduling pages, rent payment forms, maps and more.

4. Make your site a lead generation machine. Simply building a website doesn’t mean it will work to bring in business. A good property management web design firm will know how to create a site that includes effective lead generation tools and calls to action to get your site visitors to contact you. They also can help you create great content for your blog as well as strategies for driving traffic (especially the local traffic you want and need) to your site.

Of course, there are many more things you can do to build a winning property management website, but you’ll be well on your way by starting with these basics.

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