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Website design for your service-oriented business has one main purpose: to show other business owners how you can solve their problems. Whether you provide online accounting services or pickup/delivery of uniforms, your company supplies necessities other businesses can’t do without.

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Your website needs to reflect the value of what you offer, as well as encourage your prospects to take the next step and hire you. The right website designer can help build your business with this simple business services website design checklist.

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8 Business Services Web Design Best Practices

1. Include professional headshots of yourself and your team. People like to know who’s behind the logo, and sloppy photos reflect badly on your services.

2. List your credentials and awards, and tell potential customers how your knowledge can benefit them.

3. Add a blog. Fresh content appeals to your visitors and the search engines. Blogging is a great way to add content regularly, so be sure your business services web design agency includes a blog on your site. It can also help provide content if writing isn’t your strong suit.

4. Post testimonials. If past or current clients appreciate your work, potential customers will be encouraged to check you out. In addition to a testimonials page, you also can strategically use these credibility builders as part of your site design —in your sidebar or on your home page, for instance.

5. Be available. Make it easy for customers to connect with you by including multiple ways to contact you on your site. In addition to your contact page, these can include contact forms at the end of your blog posts, links to your social media pages, and your phone number in the header.

6. Find and convert leads. Turn visitors into leads by offering a coupon, e-book or video tutorial in return for an email address. A smart email strategy will repeatedly position your business in front of potential customers, building on each progressive message. Your brand will become recognized and your credibility will be strengthened.

7. Include calls to action. Make your opt-in offer on multiple places on your site. Your call to action should be easy to find and activate. Ideally, it should be on every page of your website. Talk to your business services web design company about installing a popup or slide-over form to encourage sign-ups — this can help in some cases and hinder in others, so it can help you determine whether it’s a good strategy.

8. Be sure your site is mobile-friendly. Having a responsive site is vital to your growth. More people than ever use mobile devices to access the Web, and Google gives SEO priority to sites that are easy to navigate. An experienced business services web design firm can build a website that engages your visitors no matter what device they are using.

Above all, your website should provide plenty of information relevant to your customers’ needs. Draw them in, get them interested, and ideally sell them on the spot. A great website design will make it easy for you to show your prospects and customers how your business can solve their problems and fill their needs.

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