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Parents and caregivers have plenty of options when it comes to professional child care, which is why day care facilities that want more business need a way to stand out in the marketplace.

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In today’s Internet-driven society, your day care website will often be your first point of contact with a prospective family. Whether the site earns you a new customer or sends a care giver elsewhere will largely depend on your website design. If you’re looking to create a site that generates and converts new leads, working with a day care web design company can make a big difference.

A professional day care web design agency understands the industry, what prospects are looking for when visiting your site, and the best practices involved with effective day care web design services. To give you a better idea of what website elements are most important for your day care facility, here are some examples.

Answers to questions

Think about typical questions a day care prospect has for your facility: Where are you located? Who is on your staff? What are your policies? Answers to these questions are a good place to start when building your website. You want prospects to have this information quickly and effectively while browsing your site.

Simple navigation

Your site’s navigation menu should be simple. Think six or fewer items. If you need more, a day care web design company can help you better organize the hierarchy of your site. The main items should be your most important pages, with the “contact” page last.


Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Prominent contact info

Not only do you want your “contact” page linked in the navigation menu, but you also want your phone number and corresponding contact information prominently displayed throughout your site.

Fresh content

When you stay on top of your website, it shows prospects that you’re engaged and communicative — two important qualities in building trust. Regularly updated content also communicates professionalism and promotes credibility.

What goes into fresh content? You want your website copy, from the home page and beyond, to be timely. Don’t feature, in July, photos of last year’s holiday craft projects. Don’t leave last summer’s events on this year’s calendar.

Likewise, consider establishing a blog. Regular blog posts on day care-related topics enhance your authority in the industry, and have SEO benefits relating to organic traffic to your website.

Calls to action

What, primarily, do you want prospects to do? Call? Fill out a contact form? Sign up for your newsletter? Schedule a tour? Whatever the case, encourage and motivate your website visitors to take that step.

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