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Landscaping is a lucrative industry, but it’s also a field with quite a bit of competition. Each year, $77 billion in business is generated by lawn care and landscaping companies, and the industry is growing by about 3.5 percent yearly. If you are wanting a big piece of that pie, you need to ensure that your company has a strong online presence, which starts with an effective website.

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For a landscaper, a website is like a virtual portfolio, providing a place to showcase images of their work for potential clients to see. When done well, landscape website design can funnel potential new customers to a hiring decision, but it’s not always easy to create a web design that’s effective for this. That’s why landscapers need to work with a landscaping web design agency, to ensure the overall design generates and works that sales funnel. As you are making plans to create a website that helps your company stand out, here are some design elements to keep in mind.

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Design Elements That Make Landscaping Website Design Effective

In order for a landscaping website to be effective, it must (a) capture the imagination of visitors the moment they land on the site, (b) build trust, and (c) funnel them to a purchasing decision. Landscapers should work with a landscaping web design firm to create a site with the following elements:

  • Prominent hero image: A hero image, or a large home page image, is effective in landscaping website design because it draws immediate attention — albeit a beautifully landscaped yard or a particular tree/shrubbery project. Choose this image carefully.
  • Fast load time: Landscaping websites are, by nature, image-heavy. Make sure the photos do not cause the site to load too slowly, as a slow site will drive away visitors — likely to the competition. Furthermore, site speed has an impact on search rankings, according to Google.
  • Mobile-friendly design: Reach customers no matter what their device they’re using to view your website. Work with your design team to create a responsive (or mobile-friendly) website to expand your reach.
  • Trust-building elements: Awards, accolades, licenses, accreditation, Better Business Bureau ratings and positive reviews help build trust with prospective clients. These should be woven into the design — not just on a standalone page, but other pages as well.
  • Portfolio of past work: Images are critical to winning landscaping customers. Your website needs a prominent portfolio highlighting work you have completed. Make it easy for customers to find this portfolio.
  • Accessible contact information: When people are ready to hire you, make sure they can easily take the step to do so. Work with your landscaping web design company to prominently display contact information, including a click-to-call button on each page of the website.
  • Ease of navigation: See to it that visitors can easily navigate your site to find what they’re looking for. Make navigation menus simple to find and use.

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