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When you work with a professional wine web design firm, the story you tell through your website can be captivating enough to generate new business. What really tips the scales, however, is your website design.

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Whether you’re a winery, wine shop or wine distributor, your website has major potential to convert visitors into customers. When people visit your site, they have an opportunity to learn about your business and its services or products, get questions answered, even contact you or make a purchase. It’s a golden opportunity to boost conversions.

To make the most of this potential, consider working with a wine web design company. It will help you make a good first impression online so you can be the brand visitors choose.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

A Look at Some Vital Wine Web Design Services

Collaborating with a wine web design agency on your website design provides an opportunity not only to make it look good, but also to offer something usable and practical to your audience. It will incorporate features designed to help you increase conversions online. Here are some examples:

  • Simple design. When done well, your website design will showcase your content effectively. You want to use colors, layout, fonts, photos, etc., to draw visitors’ eyes to the most important information. Effective use of white space is essential, as well. Rather than cluttering your site with too much information, a web design firm will streamline — typically, this means keeping the navigation menu to six or fewer items, for example.
  • Large text. Too many wine businesses make the mistake of prioritizing aesthetics over usability. The problem? Your visually appealing content does nobody any good if it’s unreadable. So, skip the small font sizes in lieu of copy that’s large enough for any user to read.
  • Quality images. Images go a long way toward communicating the atmosphere and aesthetics of your business, so you need to feature professional, custom photography and graphics that suit— and highlight — your brand.
  • Don’t get flash-y. Flash websites may look cool, but typically don’t perform well in terms of conversions. A wine web design company will likely want you to opt out of a flash design.
  • Responsive design. Because so many website visitors are on mobile devices these days, you can’t afford to ignore responsive design. With a responsive website, you can effectively reach users no matter what device they’re using — as mobile-friendly design naturally adapts to the visitors’ viewing devices.
  • Clear calls to action. Whether your conversion goal is new winery bookings, wine purchases or something in between, you’ll see better results with clear calls to action. Tell visitors what you want them to do and make it easy and convenient for them to contact you or place an order.

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