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When people in your area need lawn care, they have plenty of companies vying for their business. To stand out, your lawn care company needs a strong web presence that convinces potential customers to choose you.

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Competing with other lawn care companies starts online, the first place most of your prospects will interact with you — your website. Long before a potential customer calls you about lawn care, he or she will likely have an idea of what you offer, simply by visiting your site.

Whether that visit leads to a job or a lost opportunity depends a lot on your website design. Therefore, your business needs the support of a lawn care web design company that can build a robust site designed to capture more customers.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

What’s Happening in Lawn Care Website Design Today

Take a look at lawn care company websites and you’ll see several trends at work in lawn care web design — these are the features a professional lawn care web design agency will likely implement in your design, too. Lawn care companies understand the potential of the web and are maximizing that potential through the following components:

  • Responsive design. All websites need to consider mobile-readiness in today’s smartphone-centric world. Whether someone visits your site on an iPhone or a desktop computer, you want it to be easy and efficient for that person to learn about and want to contact you. Enter responsive design, which automatically adapts to whatever device someone is using to view the website.
  • Clean design. Cut clutter and focus on what’s most important in order to communicate most effectively to your website visitors. A lawn care web design firm will want to use white space to your advantage so it can highlight text, images, calls to action and other elements strategically.
  • Testimonials. In a service-oriented industry such as lawn care, prospects need to know they can trust your work. Testimonials are a powerful credibility tool, thus adding them throughout your site can be highly effective. Typically speaking, you’ll want testimonials on the home page and service pages that explain what you offer.
  • Professional images and videos. A picture speaks a thousand words, so using custom, professional images that showcase your employees, your work and/or your location is a must. Likewise, video can be a great way to connect with prospects, sharing more about what makes you stand out.
  • Clear calls to action. If you want your prospects to contact you, you have to make it easy for them to do so. Feature a mobile-friendly “call now” button prominently on your site to prompt prospects to reach out to you; it can make a dramatic difference in your conversion rate.

Finding Professional Lawn Care Web Design Services

When you’re in the market for a new lawn care website, you need the support of a professional lawn care web design company that understands the industry and how to market effectively online. To learn more about the services Straight North offers and how it can make a difference for you, contact us today at 855-883-0011 or request a quote online.

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