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Your software and tech company needs a credible website to stand out in a competitive market. In fact, your digital focus makes a professionally designed website the centerpiece of your marketing campaign. Thoughtfully incorporated website design elements can transform user experience on your site. While it’s not logical to include every web design trend into your website, certain features and tactics can significantly boost your sales, if you implement them wisely. Here is a list of essential software and tech website design tips that will turn your site into a powerful lead generation tool.

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Keep It Clean and Simple

People are likely to leave your site if it has too much cluttered text. However, they want to know the details of your product(s), and search engines such as Google and Bing love websites with in-depth content. So, how do you compromise? Ensure that all copy on your pages is as relevant as possible to your readers — and be sure to use appealing formats.

Instead of posting large blocks of text, break up your copy for easy reading. Use subheads, captions and bullet points to emphasize important information and help the eyes travel quickly down the page.

Avoid using too many conflicting areas of color, text and images on your website. Marketing software often calls for elaborate descriptions of various specifications, which can mean a lot of text. An established software and tech web design firm will know how to use white space between paragraphs and margins to increase comprehension levels of your web content, and encourage your visitors to stick around and buy.

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Use Images and Videos

When explaining your software product or any other tech services to your potential customers, include graphics to keep them engaged and informed. An infographic can present a lot of information without requiring a lot of time from your viewer, and is an excellent companion to long copy. You can also break your concepts into card designs, each with an icon and text. Hire a creative software and tech web design company that knows how to use these design elements to create a visually appealing and high-converting website.

Online shoppers tend to have short attention spans. Use a demo or virtual tour on your home page and/or products page to explain your products to your viewers within the first few seconds of landing on your site. Explanatory copy should come later for visitors who are interested in knowing more about your software. When you collect vital contact information from potential customers before you provide access to the trial version, make sure the process is easy for them. A software and tech web design agency can help you optimize conversion for your sign-up form.

Use Catchy Calls to Action (CTAs)

You can send customers down the sales funnel with creative CTA buttons. Include strong copy and try to make your CTA buttons stand out by using contrasting colors and placing them prominently on the page. It’s also a great idea to work with an experienced software and tech web design firm that knows how to test a site for conversion optimization. It also can make sure your website is fast-loading and mobile-friendly, and that your opt-in forms are easy to use on mobile devices — essential for a tech-savvy audience.

To stay ahead of the competition and remain consistent, your software and tech website design has to offer valuable content and provide conversion touch points without overwhelming your current and potential customers. Many people accept or reject a company based on its website design, so ensure that the software and tech web design agency you choose knows how to incorporate the right features and follow these tips to optimize your business website.

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