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In today’s competitive medical industry, finding a hospital is about more than what’s in town. When patients research health care availability in their area, they often have many options for where to go.

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Even before a patient visits a hospital, your website creates a first impression. Thanks to the easy accessibility of the Internet, anyone can click to your hospital website and find out about your services, physicians, amenities and features — even on the go, from a smartphone screen. If it’s not easy to find general information or know how to contact you, that patient may look elsewhere. That’s why, in order to stand out in today’s health care market, hospitals have to think about website design.

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Checklist of Must-Haves for Hospital Website Design

A hospital’s website can either instill confidence in prospective patients or turn them away from the facility. What makes the difference? In today’s marketplace, a hospital web design company will typically want a good site design to include the following elements:

  • Easy answers to questions. Most visitors who come to a hospital’s website have specific questions. Whether they want to find a doctor or make an appointment, it needs to be easy to find.
  • Clear navigation. Stick to six or fewer elements in your hospital site’s main navigation menu. If you think you need more than that, a hospital web design agency can work with you to organize top- and sub-level items for greater clarity.
  • Location and contact info. It doesn’t matter what area of the country you’re in, a hospital needs to make sure its location, hours and contact information are prominently displayed on its site. The easier it is for prospects to find you and reach out, the better.
  • Responsive design. Prospects will often visit your website on mobile devices, so it’s important to have a site that works on smartphones as well as desktop computers. Responsive design automatically resizes and adapts to different screen sizes and browsers. This ensures the same quality viewing experience for all visitors.
  • Real photos. Skip the stock photos of generic hospitals or doctors and invest in personalized images reflecting your facility and what it offers.
  • Unique distinguishers. What sets your hospital apart from other facilities? Why should someone choose you for a certain procedure or treatment? Determine what defines your brand and showcase it on your site.
  • Info on physicians and staff. Visitors should be able to easily find doctor profiles and brief descriptions on specific treatments and facilities.
  • Forms and payment information. If there are specific registration forms, enrollment documents or appointment details needed at your hospital, make them accessible online to streamline hospital processes. Likewise, payment options should be easy to find on the home page so prospects can pay their bills quickly and conveniently.

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