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Presenting your pub or bar business strategically in the cluttered online world can be an overwhelming task due to the stiff competition. But whether you are a full bar or a non-alcoholic bar owner, investing in website design that appeals to your ideal clientele and entices them to visit your establishment is both cost-effective and worth it.

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Key Things to Remember When Designing a Website for Your Bar or Pub

Whether you hire a bar web design agency to create your site, or build it yourself, you’ll want to be sure your new site includes features that will help your crowd find you easily, pique their interest and provide compelling reasons for them to visit your bar.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

  • Be real. Tell your existing and potential customers a short and engaging story about your business. Explain what you pride yourself in, and what you are known for. If the content is rich enough, it will help your site rank well in search engines. More importantly, it’ll forge an emotional connection with your customers, giving them a reason to call your bar a second home. This messaging can make or break a person’s decision to visit your bar, so if you don’t feel comfortable writing about yourself and your business, consider hiring a bar web design company to put you in the best light.
  • Integrate your social media. Going to the bar is a social experience. Your customers will talk about you on social media and look for news from you there, so make the most of it. A robust website that drives traffic from social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will rank highly on search engines, too. Including social media buttons and widgets prominently on your home page and/or sidebars will make it easy for your visitors to connect with your brand online.
  • Encourage reviews. Typically, most people head straight to reviews sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor when looking for a place to eat or drink. Therefore, be sure you have a visible button that brings your potential customers to a review site of your choice. You can also pick and publish positive reviews about your bar on your site and/or on social media.
  • Make your menus accessible. Be sure the menu items of your bar are easy to find on your site. If you can, include mouth-watering photos of menu items such as bar snacks, cocktails, beers on tap, lunch, brunch, dinner and wine lists. Remember, customers don’t want complicated downloads. A good bar web design firm can help you create a stunning online menu that is easy for your customers to navigate.
  • Include a reservations app. In a world of instantaneous gratification, your customers should find it incredibly easy to book reservations online. In fact, online booking will make your life easier, too. Including an online reservation booking service will help reduce the number of reservation phone calls you receive, especially during the busy hours.
  • Be easy to contact and find. Customers can quickly click away from your site and opt for your competitors if they can’t access your contact information with ease. Your bar website design should include highly visible contact information. In addition to a contact page, consider adding your phone number to your header in an easy-to-read font. Moreover, if you add your business site to Google Places, it will be easier for customers to find you when they do local searches for bars and restaurants. Adding a map and directions to your site helps, too.

Design Your Bar Website for Future Expansion

It’s OK to start with a relatively simple bar website design, such as a few pages, a blog and a contact form. But with time, you will likely want to add additional elements such as custom search functionality, enhanced social engagement, or even an online store for branded T-shirts or other physical and virtual products. These bar web design services can really help you leverage your site for maximum advantage, so be sure to choose a web design platform capable of accommodating them from the start.

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