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Online universities are booming, and it’s no surprise considering all the convenience they offer, giving busy students plenty of reasons to stop attending traditional colleges. To stay competitive, your college must take bold steps to increase your enrollment and bring students back to your campus.

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With their demanding lifestyles, students these days want education to be convenient — and it starts with their experience on your website. You need more than a proud history and brilliant reputation to convince students to enroll and attend on-campus classes. A higher education web design company can create an effective website design that will get students into your classrooms.

Making It Easy Makes The Grade

Colleges and universities need sophisticated, engaging websites with responsive design features easy to use on mobile devices, as students (and most of the world) depend on cellphones and tablets to search for what they want. Make sure the higher education web design agency you work with is well versed in mobile responsive design.

Visitors will explore your website longer if you offer user-friendly, intuitive navigation features such as easy-to-read menu bars and search boxes. Include contact forms on each page to make it easy for students to communicate with your administrative offices. Branding will represent the spirit of your school, and plenty of content will generate leads and turn visitors into prospective students who are eager to enroll.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Celebrate Education

Current and future students, alumni, faculty and donors want to know what advances your school is making. A reputable higher education web design firm will develop a strategic website design that incorporates your college’s values, features, programs and competitive edge.

Create a blog that will appeal to many different personalities. Fill it with great content about your degree programs, community events, alumni activities, donor programs and book fairs. An active blog will also improve your search rankings, which means more potential students will find out about your college.

Build your scholarly reputation by clearly stating your school’s mission. Answer questions such as these to reflect why your college is the best choice for your targeted students:

  • Why does your college exist?
  • Where and how was it started?
  • What value does it bring to students?
  • How does the college serve the local community?
  • Why does your university stand apart from others?
  • What unique features and qualities do your school offer/provide that are worth mentioning?

Your website design must promote your competitive advantages, be true to your mission, maintain your integrity, increase public attention and gain new prospects. Try these ideas to personalize the experience for prospective students, increase your visibility and generate more leads.

  • Capture email addresses so your admissions/recruiting office can send custom, personalized emails. Many schools have great success when they reach out to students with individually written correspondence.
  • Post activities such as scholar bowls, college PR events, theatrics, art exhibits, writing contests and sporting events. Promote your students who are taking part in these events to create the most impact for those who want to celebrate every challenge they conquer.

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