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Any accounting firm that wants to grow needs a strategic way to draw new clients. Today’s marketplace is loaded with CPAs, so prospects have plenty of choices when it comes to a service provider.

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When you’re looking to grow your firm, one of the best ways to attract new clients is through your website design — because when potential clients seek accounting services, they’re most likely to look online. When they find you, the first impression your website makes can be the deciding factor in whether or not they contact you.

  • How can you ensure your site’s first impression increases conversions?
  • How can you set up your site to be a 24/7 marketing tool?
  • What goes into quality accountant web design services, and how do you find an accountant web design company that can help?

To help answer these questions, here are a few key principles that will guide a seasoned professional accountant web design agency in building the kind of site that gives you strong ROI.

Keep It Simple

The best accountant website design is the one that is easy to use. You want relevant information to be clearly visible and easy to access — featuring a short list of navigation links, clear contact information front and center, and easy-to-find information about your personnel and services. If you’re like many accountants, knowing how to best organize the information on your site can be tricky. Working with an accountant web design company can help you drill down to what’s most essential and worth highlighting on your site.


A few of the brands that trust their image to the team at Straight North:

  • ALA Logo
  • Amdocs Logo
  • Clover Logo
  • BCI Acrylic Logo
  • ProStockHockey Logo
  • The Joint commission Logo

Match It With Your Brand

Your accountant website needs to look and feel like your firm — its style, its tone, its personality — essentially setting the stage for what customers can expect when they work with you. By creating an accurate sense of your practice online, you prepare prospects for what to expect when they contact you. Likewise, you attract the customers who are already looking for exactly what you offer.

Make It Responsive

In today’s mobile world, potential customers are likely to find your site for the first time on their mobile devices. That’s why you need an accountant web design firm that can make your site totally responsive, i.e., adaptable to various viewing devices. When someone searches for a local CPA, you want your site to be clear and persuasive no matter how someone’s viewing it.

Include Persuasive Landing Pages

Search engines generally take prospects to a website’s landing pages. Therefore, when someone comes to you seeking a CPA who can handle mergers and acquisitions in your city, for example, you want the landing page to provide information on that service — as well as a clear call to action to contact you.

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