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You want to grow your patient base, and you know that approximately 70 percent of people search online for a doctor. A professional-looking website is not optional. Your in-house IT team can put together a website, or you can hire a doctor web design agency to build a professional, responsive website with an attractive, easy-to-navigate layout that creates a great first impression.

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Be Transparent

Your website design is, in effect, your online waiting room. Make visitors feel welcome with an original logo, a tagline that tells what you can do for them, and professional photos of your office and staff. New patients may want to contact your office right away, so be sure to post phone and e-mail information, a map, and your social media icons in the header and footer of each page. Include a search bar for quick website navigation.

Take Away Their Jitters

People shy away from doctors for many reasons; a major concern for many is they want to know their personal information stays confidential. Give your patients the peace of mind they deserve, and show your integrity by hiring a doctor web design firm to build a secure, HIPAA-compliant website.

Roll Out the Welcome Mat

Patients want to see what’s in it for them. A warm message that tells a bit about you, your staff and your practice immediately tells potential patients if you’re a good fit for their needs. Make your website inviting with these doctor web design best practices:

  • Keep your website design neat and clean. Include plenty of white space to make it easy to view and read.
  • Make it colorful and interesting to view. Replace the old standard of sterile blue.
  • Encourage conversations with an online chat box.
  • Offer a newsletter or a free consultation as an email opt-in.
  • Make sure your site is easy to navigate, especially if you have elderly patients.
  • Include big call-to-action buttons.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Keep Things Up to Date

Gone are the days of quiet, boring and even scary doctors’ offices. Your website design should reflect the new atmosphere. Your doctor web design company can create a modern website that’s easy to use. Start with a bold menu bar that outlines each facet of your practice. Include lots of content to educate and enlighten, making office visits more productive and efficient.

Consider these web page suggestions to boost traffic, educate your patients, and increase your income:

  • About page: Include your credentials, specialties, methods and a photo of yourself. Upfront information equals trusting, relaxed and comfortable office visits.
  • Testimonials page: Show happy patients explaining the compassionate and caring service you provide.
  • Podcasts page: Interviews, lectures and recorded blog posts boost your reputation and credibility.
  • Media page: Press releases, interviews, video clips, articles, etc., portray you as a trustworthy and knowledgeable doctor.
  • Resources page: Post clinical studies, FAQs, events calendars, classes and anything that applies to your patients. Educate others, and build your practice.
  • Online Services page or Patient Portal: Having a dedicated area for paying bills, setting appointments, updating personal info and filling out insurance forms is a convenience many patients will appreciate.
  • Blog: Make it a proprietary mini-library of useful information for your patients.

Increased website traffic is vital to attracting and educating new patients, and retaining existing patients. The right doctor web design agency can build a successful website that stands out and reaches out to prospective patients so you can grow your practice and your profits.

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