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Content Marketing Services

For successful Internet marketing and an effective company website, content marketing has never been more important. Since 1997, Straight North has been an innovator in content marketing strategy and digital content marketing.

Google now ranks and rewards high-quality content with greater organic search visibility. For your marketing to soar, you must partner with a top-flight content marketing agency – Straight North.

Our team of strategists, copywriters and outreach specialists creates and markets content that presents your brand professionally and generates leads.

Our Content Marketing Services Generate Sales Leads

Focus on Lead Generation
All aspects of our content marketing campaigns focus on generating high-quality sales leads and revenue to grow your B2B business. Our sophisticated content strategies accomplish just that. (Be careful when interviewing SEO firms. Poor quality content can do more harm than good.)

Experienced, Skilled Content Marketing Agency
Our large staff of full-time, in-house marketers includes talented content marketing strategists, copywriters, editors, proofreaders and outreach specialists. Our content creators understand the principles of content marketing and professional business writing.

Collaborative Approach
We welcome your insight and input at all stages of your content marketing campaign. The more you share about your business and customers, the more authentic and persuasive your content will be. If your competitors use the usual hands-off approach, you’ll gain a huge advantage.

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Being in a highly specialized niche, we didn’t think SEO would help us generate leads, and we are happy to report that Straight North proved us wrong!

Denis Tan
Web Content Specialist

Just like a pure content marketing agency, we provide comprehensive content marketing services. Content marketing services include:

  • Strategy. Content marketing always begins with strategy. For website design projects, our content team participates in the discovery process, enabling us to learn the particulars of every client's business model, value proposition, sales process, and product/service features and benefits. This insight, while taking time to acquire, enables our writers to produce website content that rings true with customers and prospects and inspires them to do business with you. For Internet marketing campaigns, we approach discovery the same way, so that whether the assignment is an off-site article, a PPC landing page or an email newsletter, the content has high lead generation potential.
  • Writing. There are millions of writers, but arguably only a relative handful capable of writing effective marketing content for middle market firms, who understand the principles of persuasive copywriting, SEO copywriting, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and user experience (UX). Straight North has just such gifted writers on-staff, and they sweat the details to produce content that is accurate, relevant, useful, and interesting to your customers and prospects.
  • Editing. Every great writer needs a great editor, and we have editing covered, too. Our editorial staff, in addition to managing content production, reviews all client copy for substance, grammar, style and technical accuracy. Companies should never underestimate the value of editing: A brilliant product Web page, with brilliant copy and brilliant imagery, could be completely undermined by a missing comma in the eyes of many customers and prospects.
  • Marketing. SEO campaigns in particular depend on placing articles on off-site websites and blogs. To do this, our expert content outreach team covers all the bases, from identifying the right websites to contact, to professionally pitching article ideas, to cultivating relationships with publishers. Over time, we have created loyal networks of publishing sites in a wide variety of verticals. This network enables us to hit the ground running with new clients, getting their content in the right hands … right away.

Our copywriters and editors are experienced and widely published in a broad range of B2B and B2C niches. Pioneers in content marketing, our syndication process, from keyword research to outreach to relationship management, has stood the test of time and gets tremendous results. Our SEO strategy integrates content marketing and social media best practices, significantly raising the effectiveness of every piece of content you publish.

Interested in learning more about our content marketing company? Contact us today at 855-883-0011 or request a quote online to find out how we can take your content to the next level.