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SEO is an excellent online marketing option to bring consumers to a pharmaceutical company’s website to educate and engage them.

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For the best results, it is best to work with a pharmaceutical SEO company that understands the nuances and regulatory environment of the industry. Industry familiarity becomes especially important in the development and marketing of SEO content, which is a foundational element of an SEO campaign.

Key Components of an SEO Campaign

A pharmaceutical SEO agency will break a campaign into three parts: setup, on-site SEO and off-site SEO.

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Campaign setup

Page optimization. In the early stages, the agency will concentrate on making sure your website is properly configured and optimized to support SEO. Google crawlers (Googlebots) must be able to read the content of your site and evaluate its relevance to search queries. Enabling Google to properly index and rank your site pages may require development work on the site.

Site optimization. In addition to evaluating individual pages of content, Google will evaluate the authority and user-friendliness of your website by considering factors such as page loading speed, mobile-friendly design, intuitiveness of navigation, amount of content and freshness of content. Weaknesses in these and other areas should be corrected early on in the campaign.

A few of the websites that have published our content:

On-site SEO

On-site SEO involves a number of ongoing activities. A major focus is creating and then steadily optimizing individual pages that correspond to your primary targeted keyword groups. The goal is to make these pages rank as highly as possible for searches using those primary terms, and then, when visitors click through to the page, to inspire them to take the desired action.

In typical B2B or B2C campaigns, the conversion goal is to place an order online or request more information. In the pharmaceutical industry, the conversion goal may be more education oriented, with the goal being to download a brochure or watch a video.

Another crucial part of on-site SEO is continually monitoring the site to make sure it is still fully optimized for Google. Internal and external links can break, site functionality can deteriorate, and other problems can crop up that hurt your rankings (and hurt the user experience for humans). The pharmaceutical SEO firm will systematically review these issues.

Off-site SEO

The main purpose of off-site SEO is to create relevant and authoritative backlinks to your website. Google’s ranking algorithm places great importance on backlinks, as they indicate the value of your content and authoritativeness (reliability, expertise) of your business.

Backlinks can involve content, such as an article written (or ghostwritten) by a member of your staff that is published on a medical website, with a link to your website in the text. Backlinks sometimes do not involve content, such as when your site is listed, with a link, on an online directory of pharmaceutical companies. Your pharmaceutical SEO company will spend a great deal of effort identifying good linking opportunities and then working with online publishers to establish the links.

Content creation (off-site and on-site) is a very sensitive area in pharmaceutical SEO, since information must be carefully fact-checked, and many types of quality and guarantee claims common to B2B and B2C content are not permissible in the pharmaceutical area. This is why it is so important to find a knowledgeable SEO partner and be prepared to work collaboratively on any content development for your campaign.

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