SEO for Jewelers

Let’s say you’re in the market for an engagement ring or a new necklace — where’s the first place you would look? If you’re like most people, it’s a search engine.

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Type in a few terms, such as “jewelry stores (your city)” or “engagement ring (your city)”, and be well on your way to finding information about and/or contacting one of the jewelers that appear in the results.

This, in a nutshell, is why jewelry SEO services are so important.

How Does Jewelry SEO Work?

Your position in search results has a direct impact on how many and how often customers can find you online, so it’s advantageous to appear as highly as possible. SEO is the practice of building a website and/or using on-site and off-site optimization tools to give you more authority and value online. This way, when your prospects are searching for rings, bracelets or other jewelry, they’re able to find you and your products — before those of your competition.

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Services a Professional Jewelers SEO Company May Use

To help your business gain more credibility and improve rankings online, a professional jewelers SEO agency uses its in-depth knowledge and skill to achieve measurable outcomes. Some of the tools and strategies it may incorporate include:

  • Detailed keyword research: When someone searches for “solitaire engagement ring”, for example, your website won’t appear in search engine results unless it offers information about that piece of jewelry. This is why identifying the best and most relevant keywords is so vital for successful SEO. A jewelers SEO agency knows how to conduct in-depth research on the market and find trends to help you narrow down the best terms to target.
  • Compelling content creation: In order to rank for the keywords that searchers use to locate your jewelry products, you need content. This includes pages for each keyword group along with keyword-optimized title tags, meta descriptions, headers, body content as well as persuasive CTAs. A professional jewelers SEO firm can design a comprehensive content campaign aimed at your desired terms.
  • Responsive website design: A good website is more than just appealing to the eyes. From an SEO standpoint, it needs to be responsive (works well on both mobile and desktop devices), fast loading and filled with valuable content.
  • Link-building campaigns: While your website’s design, structure and content are all vital for building the kind of site search engines value, on-site optimization makes up a small percentage of SEO efforts. Roughly 75 percent goes toward off-site efforts through strategies such as link and citation building, as search engines take note of the quantity and quality of sites that mention and link back to you. Essentially, those links act as endorsements of your content and authority, telling search engines you matter to website visitors and customers.

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