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Most people wait to call an HVAC company until they face an emergency. When they turn to the Internet to find HVAC help, they're likely going to jump on the first listings they see. That's why SEO needs to be a main component of your marketing strategy. If you can be found online, you will be the one they call for help.

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By taking the time to focus on SEO, HVAC companies will be able to:

  • Increase visibility for local searches
  • Be the company potential customers see when facing an HVAC crisis
  • Increase their credibility through organic search results
  • Target searches that have local intent

SEO for HVAC companies works, and that’s why you need to find an HVAC SEO agency to partner with in your marketing efforts.

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Successful Strategies for HVAC SEO

Ranking high in search engine results doesn’t happen by accident. Your HVAC company must implement proven SEO strategies to ensure you get a high rank, but it’s worth the effort to do so. What does a successful SEO campaign for an HVAC company look like? Here are some strategies you will want to implement for your SEO success.

On-Site Factors

The structure and content of your website is an important aspect of your SEO. A mobile-friendly, user-friendly site is important, as is the content it contains. Optimizing that content around geocentric, effective keywords is a critical strategy. Keyword selection needs to incorporate a number of factors, including:

  • Geographic terms — Target those customers in your service area.
  • Competitiveness — Choose keywords with less competition for a higher rank.
  • Intent — Keywords that have high buying intent, such as “affordable AC repair”, are more effective than other terms with less intent, such as “AC repair”.
  • Search volume — The term “furnace repair” most likely has a higher search volume than “HVAC technician”, though both apply to your business.

Once you have keywords in hand, you can optimize the content on your website around them, but this will fail without proper analytics.

A few of the websites that have published our content:

Off-Site Factors

After the site is built and optimized, the focus of SEO turns to off-site factors that will improve search engine rank, such as:


Positive reviews from customers will tell the search engine “crawlers” that your company provides excellent HVAC services. An HVAC SEO company will help you pinpoint the strategically valuable review websites, and help you solicit reviews from happy customers.

High-Quality Inbound Links

Links to your site from other sites, known as inbound links or backlinks, tell the search engines your domain is trustworthy and authoritative. Find sources of links that are in the HVAC industry and considered high-quality websites, including blogs, local chamber of commerce, forums and directory listings.

Local Directory and Google My Business Listings

For HVAC service providers, Google My Business and other local directory listings are invaluable. Ensuring that Google My Business and other directory listings are accurate is one of the most important factors in your local SEO efforts, and your HVAC SEO firm will help you find and optimize these listings.

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