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SEO is a terrific online marketing technique for realtors, but not without its complications.

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Your real estate SEO company may be limited in certain aspects of SEO if your web presence is part of a corporate website.

Typically, large real estate firms limit the amount of customization and personalization individual real estate agents can make to their web pages — which can hamper ongoing SEO efforts.

Nevertheless, there are many things an expert real estate SEO agency can do to help boost your organic presence on Google and build a bigger pipeline of clients. Here are some of the most effective options you have for SEO.

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If your primary website limits your ability to optimize keywords, build links and do other things that improve rankings, starting or ramping up a blog is a great solution. Google crawlers (Googlebots) love blogs in general because they offer fresh, relevant content.

You can use your blog to optimize long-tail keywords — that is, keyword phrases that are rather specific and show a high level of interest, such as “four-bedroom house in Boise on 5 acres”.  More about long-tail keywords shortly.

Blogging also helps you to personalize your message and engage with prospective clients — very important to do for commercial and residential realtors alike.

Optimize Images

When people are searching for commercial or residential property, they are likely to use Google Image Search. All of your image listings can be optimized by your real estate SEO firm to help them appear prominently in Google Image Search results.

With this in mind, it is always a good idea to take as many professional-quality photos as possible — poor-quality photographs could do more harm than good if they detract rather than add to your credibility.

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Local SEO Basics

Whether your real estate SEO company is working with a standard website, your blog, or both, it will without doubt want to optimize your site for local SEO. While there are literally hundreds of techniques that can go into a local SEO campaign, the most important elements are these:

  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Name, address and phone number (NAP) on every website page
  • Positive online reviews on-site and on credible, relevant review sites
  • Citations of your firm on relevant, authoritative business and industry sites
  • Links coming back to your website/blog from local business and media websites
  • A well-optimized and active Google My Business (GMB) page

Long-Tail Keyword Strategy

A major difficulty in real estate SEO is getting a local real estate agent or local agency to rank highly for major keywords. These keywords, such as “New York real estate”, are dominated by large organizations with big SEO budgets.

A better strategy for local realtors is to focus on the long-tail keywords described earlier. Because these keywords are more specific and lower in search volume, they tend to be much less competitive, giving you a chance to get to the first page of Google. You may not get thousands of site visitors from these terms, but if you are able to land two or three sales a year as a result, you’ll have paid for an SEO campaign — and then some. Expertise is needed, however, to select the right basket of long-tail terms — ones that are relevant, sufficiently popular and indicative of strong buying intent.

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