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Companies selling software and other technology products are ideally suited for SEO, since their target prospects are very likely to be using the Internet to search for products and services — perhaps to the exclusion of any other means.

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An experienced software and technology SEO company can devise a strategy to help you drive sizeable traffic to your site — traffic that converts into sales leads or online revenue.

The Website

The first order of business for a software and technology SEO agency is to conduct an audit of your website to spot any flaws that will impede an SEO campaign.

Among other things, the agency will review:

  • Existence (or lack of) site pages dedicated to sets of target keywords
  • Proper optimization of title tags and body content
  • Page loading speed
  • Mobile-friendliness of the site design
  • Duplicate content issues
  • Site functionality issues
  • Significant user experience (UX) issues

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It’s important to remember that the ultimate goal of your SEO investment is to generate leads and revenue. This is why a skilled software and technology SEO firm will look at site issues that go beyond SEO, such as UX — if the traffic coming to your website from organic search fails to convert, then the campaign won’t produce much, if any, ROI.

For software and technology companies in particular, delivering a top-caliber website experience to humans as well as Google makes a huge difference. Customer expectations for a technology company are higher than those for many other types of businesses.

A few of the websites that have published our content:

The Campaign

Keyword Targets
The first step is to select the right target keywords. Your software and technology SEO company will conduct research to take into account search volume, competitiveness, relevance and searcher intent. The number and nature of targeted keywords also depends on your budget. Obviously, the greater your investment, the more keywords and/or higher-volume keywords your campaign can incorporate.

Link Acquisition
Typically, the biggest area of concentration in a campaign will be devoted to link acquisition. Google’s search algorithm places enormous importance on backlinks, as they are an indicator of your website content’s value and reliability. Naturally, this is the type of content Google wants to share with its search engine users.

Most link acquisition efforts involve the creation and placement of content on other websites and blogs in your niche and related ones. This requires the SEO agency (with your collaboration) to create content that is useful, accurate and engaging. When topics and/or the proposed content (blog posts, infographics, etc.) are developed, the agency then markets it to relevant publishers. When the content is published, it will include a link back to your website. Over time, these links add up to a significant improvement in your organic visibility on Google.

Tracking and Reporting
Another extremely important facet of an SEO campaign is tracking and reporting. If your business is sales lead focused, your software and technology SEO firm needs to track phone and web form inquiries so you can determine how much revenue your campaign is producing.

Many companies fail to set up proper phone tracking, since it requires specialized expertise and tracking services. If sales leads matter in your business, however, the effort is worthwhile.

Another overlooked area is lead validation. If you have a lead generation site, it’s crucial to understand that all form submissions and phone calls from SEO sources are not sales leads. In fact, our extensive data reveals that about half of all conversions are something other than leads — misdials, spam, customer service inquiries, sales solicitations, job applicants, etc. You will overestimate the success of your campaign if you look at report data that displays conversions instead of validated leads.

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